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Unlike Dwayne Johnson Who Continuously Trolled Marvel Stars Henry Cavill Never Believed in DCU vs MCU War

Unlike Dwayne Johnson Who Continuously Trolled Marvel Stars Henry Cavill Never Believed in DCU vs MCU War

Marvel and DC have been locking horns in a war for comic book supremacy for a very long time. With the introduction of the movie franchises namely the MCU and the DCU, the battle just got bigger and more intense. With both universes casting huge stars and getting more adventurous in the effort to expand their storylines, the rivalry between the actors, albeit in good competitive humor, has also made the headlines.

Marvel vs Dc
Marvel Head Kevin Feige with DC head James Gunn

MCU vs DCU in a nutshell

Marvel got off the blocks first in strong fashion in 2008,  initiating a 6-phase cinema and series venture starting with Iron Man. Barring a minor hitch in phase 4, and a mediocre start to phase 5, which included less impressive films like Black Widow, Thor: Love and Thunder, and the recently released Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Marvel studios have maintained a high standard of excitement in their storylines for their fans. DC on the other hand started strongly with Man of Steel in 2013 but slipped with the lukewarm Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. But Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Justice League: Zack Snyder Cut resurrected the franchise. This ongoing tug-of-war-between the two franchises has only gotten more interesting with DC stars like Dwayne Johnson and Chris Pine challenging the might of the Marvel superheroes.

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The cast of The Avengers

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson hilariously trolls Marvel’s Black Bolt

The highest-paid actor in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson is also someone who never shies away from speaking his mind in public. The Black Adam actor who is known for his iconic line “DC in the house” has always expressed his passion for playing the DC superhero. After taking a sly dig at Black Panther, The Rock hilariously trolled MCU’s character Black Bolt when he was asked about their similarities to Black Adam in an interview. To this, The Rock replied,

“Can you explain to me exactly what Black Bolt does? He ( Black Adam) would crush Black Tote, oh is he Black Tote? oh Black Boat, Oh so he’s like a water superhero “

Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam

While the banter between the stars makes for a lot of entertainment, there is an undercurrent of competition as well for the Jumanji: The Next Level star to reign over his Marvel counterparts. With the failure of Black Adam though, it remains to be seen how Dwayne Johnson will tackle his fans and critics now.

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Diplomatic Henry Cavill wants no part in the MCU v DCU rivalry

Over the past few weeks, social media has been abuzz with the news of DC head James Gunn announcing the permanent departure of Henry Cavill as Superman from the DCU. This comes as even more of a shock after the Man of Steel star’s appearance in the final moments of Black Adam. Henry Cavill though has always taken the diplomatic route much like Gal Gadot who expressed her wish to see both franchises merge. The Justice League actor has openly praised the stars of both franchises saying,

” They have been rivals in the past but now it’s just about celebrating these characters, certainly for us. When it comes to deep finances, DC and Marvel. there’s always going to be competition, yes but if one goes down, that means superheroes aren’t popular”

Man of steel
Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

Despite being ousted from the DCU, it is evident that Henry Cavill wants to maintain the peace between the two superhero worlds. While this looks like a gracious move towards continued camaraderie, could it also mean that the actor is possibly gearing up for a switch to the MCU? There has been speculation that Henry Cavill might be considered to play the role of Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain. It will surely be interesting to see how this new plotline develops.

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