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13 Movies & TV Shows Where They Unnecessarily Used CGI

Unnecessarily used CGI and animations sometimes just destroys the whole movie or TV show. Below are some of the examples where adding CGI just made the scene terrible!!!

1.” Barbie As The Island Princess”: Tika’s Character, an elephant, had fake eyelashes and so much makeup that it literally left me disturbed.

First of all, elephants don’t wear makeup!

2. For Garfield’s character from Garfield: The Movie the addition of Human Teeth in Garfield’s character was not at all needed.

A cat with ‘Human Teeth’!? 

3. Terrifying Gushers Commercials had fruits with a creepy smiling face.

This was indeed the weirdest commercial of all time! 

4. Rapunzel’s Hair from Tangled: The Movie were all pretty blonde and shiny, and looked too good to be true because of the unrealistic effects of CGI. However, the audience admired the character of Rapunzel, especially girls!

5. “Timmy Turner”: The CGI version of Timmy looked so damn bizarre and unnecessarily used. Like what’s wrong with the face? It was so huge, and don’t get me started with his hair!!

6. Pimm’s Character From Barbie And The Nutcracker: A purple colored bat appeared in Barbie and the nutcracker. Massive ears, huge eyes, and whatnot! There is something with Barbie characters; some of them are too weird.

7. The Lion King: Movie: CGI tried to make it too real; the animation and additional effects in the film just made it unrealistic and too fake. And when the animals start talking or attempt to be human, it becomes a big turn-off most of the time!

8. Leo The Lion: When creators try and add more animation and CGI to movies or shows, the result is like ‘Leo The Lion.’ Big weird eyes, and oh! That enormous head just destroyed the whole movie!

9. The Rock: In The Scorpion King here looks so artificial, especially the face. It seems like it’s made up of clay! And, of course, the unusual body size.

unnecessarily used CGI

10. Christopher Robin is another example of how CGI ruined the whole character. Winnie the Pooh was one of the world’s favorite characters, but when they added unnecessary animation in the movie, it just killed the vibe of our favorite Winnie the Pooh. I mean, what’s wrong with his eyes!?

unnecessarily used CGI

11. Dinosaur: The movie: Dinosaurs with that face and oh that mouth! It looks too human and of course a huge disappointment of CGI.

unnecessarily used CGI

12. Cats: Wait! Are they cats? It doesn’t look like one! Cats are a perfect example of a great CGI failure. I believe animals should look like animals, not like humans! A human face with those cat ears just makes me wanna scream!!

unnecessarily used CGI

13. “Christer Wig’s Character: In 1984 In Wonder Woman: A cheetah in a furry human body with blonde hair, and how can we forget that tail!? Everything about Christer wig’s character in wonder woman looks so unnatural.

unnecessarily used CGI

Written by FandomWire Staff