All Upcoming 2020 Sci-Fi Movies Ranked in Chronological Order

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The pandemic might have slowed down the theater business but it is going to take a lot more than that to halt the movie making industry. They already have many high value projects in line for science fiction lovers for this year.


Infinite – 7th August, 2020

Director Antoine Fuqua brings us a very promising new story in the form of Infinite. The upcoming science fiction action thriller stars Mark Wahlberg as Evan McCauley and Dylan O’Brien as Heinrich Treadway. The movie mixes science fiction with elements of spirituality. O’Brien plays Heinrich, a person suffering from intense hallucinations due to his acute schizophrenia. Little does he know that the hallucinations are not really what hethinks. They are actually memories of Treadway from a past life. While tryingto make sense out of this revelation, he meets Wahlberg’s Evan McCauley, realizing he still has talents he obtained from his past lives he could use in this one.


Project Power – 14th August, 2020

If you have seen the Netflix trailer, you must have figured out that this is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Jamie Foxx plays a former veteran who has come into town looking for a mysterious organization that has kidnapped a girl and used her DNA to create special pills that grant people who ingest it super powers for a limited amount of time. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Frank, a cop who teams up with Art, played by Foxx, to find out the source of all this commotion. The movie is an action thriller and has some really amazing CHI and special effects to watch out for.

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Antebellum – 21st August, 2020

From the Producers of Jordan Peele’s Get Out and Us, we get Antebellum – a horror sci-fi thriller which stars Janelle Monae as the lead protagonist. Monae plays Veronica Henley, a successful author of a best-selling novel series who finds herself mysteriously transported to another horrifying reality. She must work with what she has got to keep her head on her neck and find a way out of this situation. The movie also stars Jenna Malone and Keirsey Clemons who plays Shoshanna Meadows in the movie.

Tenet – 26th August, 2020


Tenet is the brainchild of the legendary director Christopher Nolan. After giving us classics like Memento, Inception, and The Prestige, Nolan takes us to the mysterious world of Tenet, where time does not play fair. From what we know so far, Tenet tells the story of a secret organization that manufactures equipment with reversed entropies, meaning time flows backwards when using those objects. There is another faction that intends to use this technology to start the Third World War. It is up to Robert Pattinson and John David Washington’s characters to fight the new unknown threat to world peace and harmony. Tenet promises some really cool and flawless visuals and special effects. With Nolan behind the cameras on this one, there is so much excitement surrounding Tenet.

Bios – 2nd October, 2020

Bios stars Tom Hanks as Finch, an ailing inventor who is also one of the last men on the planet. He is planning a cross country journey so he builds a robot to keep him and his dog company. The film was originally scheduled to release on the 16th of April this year but with the current Coronavirus pandemic, the dates were pushed back to the 2nd of October. There is a high possibility that Universal Pictures will move the release date even further. Bios gives a Castaway kind of vibe and we would like to see Tom Hanks, one of the last stalwarts of the golden era of 90’s Hollywood in action.


Black Widow – 6th November, 2020

After months of uncertainty, the Black Widow movie finally got a release date of November 6 for this year. This might have pushed the release date of Marvel Cinematic Universe’ Eternals to the 12th of February next year but for the Black Widow fans, this is exciting news. The movie will explore the life and times of Natasha Romanoff before she became an Avenger and a member of Shield. Natasha began her life as a recruit for the Soviet Red Room Program, where the KGB trained young women and enhanced them to become super soldiers and assassins. Black Widow will dig up several skeletons from Natasha’s past as a KGB assassin. It will also be a final ode to Scarlett Johnasson as the super spy of the MCU.

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Godzilla vs. Kong – November 19th, 2020

The King of the Monsters travels all around the world to trade fists with the ultimate primate – Kong in the three-quel to Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters. Legendary is leaving no stone unturned to ensure the hype train runs on maximum overdrive for this one. Apart from Kong and Godzilla, several other Titans from Legendary’s established Monster Verse are also set to make a return.

Voyagers – 25th November, 2020


Voyager has a premise that many of us can relate to during the global lockdown event. 30 men and women are sent to another part of the galaxy in search for a habitable planet via a multi-generational space ship. When isolated and no way to socialize with the rest of the world, things soon take a turn for the worse when the passengers start revolting against the authorities and things descend into chaos. As the story progresses we ask the question whether the real threat to life within the ship are the immense cosmic threats that lay outside it or the ones inhabiting it. Collin Farrell, Tye Sheridan, and Lily-Rose Depp portray lead roles in this movie.

Free Guy – 11th December, 2020

In the world of Free City, an open world video game based on Forntite and Grant Theft Auto, there is a background character named Guy (played by Ryan Reynolds). Guy is oblivious to the fact that he is actually an NPC in a video game. The developer of the game inserts a code into Free City’s algorithm that allows Guy to become self-aware and realize the truth about his existence. He then partners up with a few Milly and Keys to save the game before it is shut down forever.


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Dune – 18th December, 2020

Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction novel comes to life again this year with the Dune movie, directed by Denis Villeneuve. It stars Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho and Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto Atreides. Zendaya plays Chani and Rebecca Ferguson portrays the role of Lady Jessica. The titular role of Paul Atreides will be essayed by Timothee Chalamet. Dune tells a story of a time where the galaxy depends on the trade of The Spice, a mysterious mineral that drives the entire galactic economy. After Leto Atreides is betrayed by the Emperor, his son Paul and wife Lady Jessica lead a revolution against the Throne from Arrakis, a planet rich in the mysterious Melange Spice.




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