Upcoming MCU Movie Erasing Jonathan Majors’ Kang, Making an Avenger the True Threat to Multiverse? Secret Wars Update Leaves Fans Stupefied

Upcoming MCU Movie Erasing Jonathan Majors' Kang, Making an Avenger the True Threat to Multiverse? Secret Wars Update Leaves Fans Stupefied
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Now that the Marvel Cinematic is in full swing to introduce a massive plotline that could change the mediocre reviews that it has been getting. Although the kerfuffle with Jonathan Majors caused a lot of confusion amongst the fans about whether or not he would stay, there could be a great chance that the actor might not return at all. However, that could have posed a difficult task considering that one of the key aspects of the current and upcoming phases is the variants of Kang.

Jonathan Majors as Kang
Jonathan Majors is set to return as Kang in Loki Season 2

Of the very many villains and heroes that the franchise has established so far, many stand out more than the others. One project that has also grabbed the attention of the fans is Avengers: Secret Wars. Anything about the film is yet to be disclosed so the rumors and speculations allow the fans to show just what they want.

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Is Jonathan Majors Being Replaced?

Jonathan Majors’ Kang was no ordinary villain. Not only was he an established villain for a couple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s projects, but he was also set to be the new big bad after Thanos. This all could change considering the allegations of abuse that have been put against the actor. The controversy that comes with it is one that the franchise has to dearly consider. However, there could be a possibility that not only the actor gets replaced, but the villain could also be switched.

Jonathan Majors Victor Timely
Jonathan Majors

It may not be an orthodox or planned manner of going, but the possibility may stand since the variable provided by Majors is one that needs to be addressed or dealt with. There may be a way in which Kang no longer remains the primary villain and gets replaced by someone else. However, what is interesting is that just like how Wanda Maximoff, an Avenger was turned into a villain for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, another Avenger could follow in her footsteps.

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Who Could Replace Kang?

There have been reports that the third Doctor Strange movie will be based on the events of Time Runs Out. According to that, the world would see Doctor Strange as a threat to the multiverse, just like the Illuminati had pointed out as well. This threat could easily be on par with the Council of Kangs. If the story were to continue that way, Strange could easily replace the villain.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange
Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

The movie could make Benedict Cumberbatch the new villain of the franchise seeing that his third eye opened after he was acquainted with the powers of the Darkhold. The character could potentially be a bigger threat to the multiverse than the Kangs.

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