Upsetting Behind The Scenes Story Of Blade 3- Wesley Snipe’s Alleged Issues With Ryan Reynolds And Jessica Biel

Upsetting Behind The Scenes Story Of Blade 3- Wesley Snipe's Alleged Issues With Ryan Reynolds And Jessica Biel

While the MCU may be the biggest force in the world of cinema today, there was a time when it was struggling to take itself off the ground since none of the Marvel films at the time were performing with any significant results. But among many failed attempts, Wesley Snipes’ Blade was the one film, later series, that made a significant impact on the audience that lasted for a long time.

Wesley Snipes in and as Blade
Wesley Snipes in and as Blade

In fact, the first film was so successful that it gave birth to a trilogy series featuring the vampire hunter from the pages of Marvel Comics. But while the second film of the series was a hit, the third and last film was one that sealed the fate of the franchise and sent it down the path of ruin. And the main reason was due to the lead star’s alleged issues with his co-stars.

Wesley Snipes Sued The Production Of Blade: Trinity For Prioritizing His Co-Stars’ Screen Time

Ryan Reynolds. Wesley Snipes and Jessica Biel in a still from Blade: Trinity
Ryan Reynolds. Wesley Snipes and Jessica Biel in a still from Blade: Trinity

Widely considered to be one of the greatest Marvel movies to be created ever, the charm and appeal of Wesley SnipesBlade knew no bounds once it was released, and the subsequent success that followed marked it in solid gold in the history of pop culture and cinema alike. The response to the first film then led to the creation of Blade II, which was again, a worthy addition to the recently formed trilogy as the third film was announced shortly after the release of the second. But alas, Blade: Trinity proved to be the end of the franchise.

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People who loved the first two films might not want to acknowledge the existence of the third and last film of the trilogy, but Blade: Trinity does indeed exist, and it was just as much of a trainwreck as the previous films were outstanding. From poor character portrayal and development to uneven scripting and progression, along with many other factors caused the film to collapse on top of itself. But by far, one of the most infamous reasons for its failure was the alleged issues that Snipes had with his on-screen co-stars.

In 2005, the Demolition Man star sued the entire production of Blade: Trinity along with director David S. Goyer as they allegedly didn’t pay his salary in full. Along with that, it was also reported that he was kept out of casting decisions despite being one of the producers of the film. The biggest problem that he had with New Line Cinema was the abrupt script changes that forced his character to take the sidelines while putting his co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel in the spotlight to take charge.

Apart from that, it was also reported that due to a lack of communication on Snipes’ part with the director, the artistic expression couldn’t be brought to life, which led to the film’s, and evidently, to the series’ demise.

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What Was Blade: Trinity About?

Wesley Snipes in a still from Blade: Trinity
Wesley Snipes in a still from Blade: Trinity

Following the events of the last two films in the series, Blade: Trinity pushes the narrative further to a time when despite being the roadblock between humanity’s demise and the reign of vampires, vampire-human hybrid Blade is framed as a fugitive for countless acts of homicide by vampire leader Danica Talos from the background, which forces him into hiding.

But seeing as the influence, and soon-to-be massacre by the vampiric hordes will soon lay waste to mankind, Blade, along with new compatriots and fellow vampire hunters will have to step in and save humanity, no matter the cost.

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Blade: Trinity, streaming on Max.

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