Upsetting Details About X-Men Star Sophie Turner Come Out That Night Have Caused the Divorce With Joe Jonas, Who is Getting Slammed For Alleged Infidelity

Upsetting Details About X-Men Star Sophie Turner Come Out That Night Have Caused the Divorce With Joe Jonas, Who is Getting Slammed For Alleged Infidelity

Sophie Turner’s love of nightlife is being cited as a factor in her split from Joe Jonas, while he faces backlash over alleged infidelity. New details paint a picture of how Turner’s partying may have caused strain.

According to the sources, it is a compatibility issue, their differences in lifestyle being the reason behind their split. She likes to party, he likes to stay home. They have different lifestyles. A source claimed.

Sophie Turner’s Wild Nights Out

Since rising to fame on Game of Thrones, Turner has been known to party hard. Sources say she frequents clubs in Los Angeles, often drinking and dancing until the early morning. Turner also smokes cigarettes heavily when out at night.

Joe Jonas-Sophie Turner
Joe Jonas-Sophie Turner

Photos have surfaced showing Sophie Turner looking disheveled while out partying without Joe Jonas. In March 2022, she was spotted vaping with friends until 5 AM at a club. Turner appeared unfazed by the attention, relaxing with pals and happily posing with fans.

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While Turner has always enjoyed nightlife, sources say her partying increased throughout her 3-year marriage to Jonas. Her late nights without her husband seem to have driven a wedge in their relationship.

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Backlash Against Joe Jonas

As details emerge about Turner’s frequent nightclubbing, backlash is growing against Jonas over rumors of infidelity. The public is slamming the musician for allegedly cheating.

In February 2022, Jonas was seen with actress Jordan McGraw at a nightclub. Sources claimed Jonas was flirting heavily with her, further fueling cheating speculation.

Joe Jonas Files Divorce
Joe Jonas Files Divorce

Netizens are coming down hard on Jonas, calling him out for allegedly disrespecting Turner and breaking vows. Critics say while Turner may enjoy nightlife, Jonas’ actions are inexcusable if rumors are true. The public is firmly on Turner’s side.

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Cracks Begin to Show Between the couple

Rumors of Jonas’s straying combined with Turner’s love of the party scene seem to have damaged their marriage beyond repair.

In May 2022, Turner was photographed in Los Angeles without her wedding ring, sparking questions. Days later, reps confirmed Turner and Jonas made the mutual decision to split.

Sources say the couple’s issues had been brewing for some time. With Jonas traveling for work often and Turner regularly going out, they began spending less time together. The physical and emotional distance ultimately led to their divorce.

Joe Jonas-Sophie Turner
Joe Jonas-Sophie Turner

Jonas will likely continue facing heat from the public over the demise of their marriage. He may want to refocus on his music career. It’s an unfortunate split for the couple that once seemed so happy together. But sometimes people change, and different priorities can make a relationship unsustainable.

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Turner’s enjoyment of nightlife seems to have been a tipping point. Her partying combined with the scandal around Jonas created irreconcilable differences. Hopefully, the former couple finds peace moving forward separately.

Source: USA Today

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