Valorant Boss: Not Yoru, One Agent Was Specifically Designed for Players Who Like to “Out-think and out-plan their opponents”

Uncover the strategic genius behind Valorant's Killjoy and delve into the mind of Senior Game Designer Max Grossman.



  • Max Grossman, Senior Game Designer on Valorant, shares insights into the strategic design philosophy behind agents like Killjoy.
  • Valorant aims to balance accessibility for newcomers with depth for experienced players.
  • Agents like Killjoy offer flexibility for both beginners and strategic masterminds, showcasing Riot Games' commitment to diverse playstyles.
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In the fast-paced world of Valorant, where split-second decisions can be crucial in deciding the victory, familiarity with the agent matters the most. Agent’s usability and complexity are often decided by the time players spend in the game. 


New players can find agents like Killjoy or Sage simple and easy to utilize but veterans can make these simple utilities into a winning formula. Even Max Grossman, Senior Game Designer on Valorant thinks that Killjoy is designed for players who can outsmart the opponent.

Max Grossman’s Insights into Designing for Strategic Players

Valorant is open to explore more diverse agents in the future
Valorant boasts a vast number of agents. | Riot Games

In an interview, Max Grossman shared his thoughts on the process behind creating unique agents. When asked about what kind of player were you trying to appeal to with Killjoy, he responded with a very interesting answer. 


Grossman believes that the goal behind Killjoy was to provide players with a playstyle that rewards them when they think out of the box, strategizing what the opponent might do in the next round and placing KJ’s utility accordingly. He explained:

The perfect Killjoy play is like, “oh, [the enemy team] push into the bomb site. They set off her turret, then a trap goes off, I (Killjoy player) swing and shoot in response.” Killjoy is for players that feel they out-think and out-plan their opponents. 

Grossman believes that the goal behind Killjoy was to provide players with a playstyle that rewards them when they think out of the box.
Grossman thinks KIlljoy is the one for strategic people and not just Yoru. | Riot Games’ Valorant

Grossman emphasized that it is important to maintain a balance when designing a character with such strategic capabilities. Agents having simple kits help new players get comfortable and understand the game’s pace. Grossman thinks Killjoy is the perfect agent for that. 

You can rely on a lot of her abilities and quickly understand, “hey, people might come through this chokepoint, I should probably put down my stuff that damages people watching the choke point.” When you first start playing Valorant, it’s a pretty easy toolkit to understand.

Riot Games aims to maintain the balance among the agents. If any new agent is not designed with care, it can be overpowered or completely replace an existing one. Achieving this level of balance requires extensive playtesting and a lot of player feedback. 


Valorant Embracing Diversity in Playstyles

Riot Games aims to maintain the balance among the agents
Riot Games aims to provide a good experience for every player equally | Valorant

As Valorant continues to evolve and expand its roster of agents and map pool, Riot Games‘ commitment to catering to every type of player is commendable. Whether players prefer to outgun their enemies with lightning-fast reflexes or outsmart them with strategies, the game aims to provide an experience that suits all playstyles.

Agents like Killjoy excel in this department as she can effectively provide both. She is beginner-friendly due to how easy her abilities are to use, while in the hands of a good player, the utility can break the rhythm of the enemy team. This kind of flexibility in agents shows the hard work the developers of Valorant are putting in. This also helps in preserving the integrity of the gameplay experience. 

In the end, Yoru may have captured the spotlight with his flashy teleportation abilities and clones. But it’s Killjoy, who is designed to be used by strategic masterminds players who can out-think and out-plan in Valorant


Written by Shubham Chaurasia

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