“People gonna go crazy”: If Valorant Ever Combines its Agents, Fans Will Ragequit With the Meta 1 Combo Would Make

Just imagine, Raze flashing you then going for the Showstopper in Valorant.



  • A dedicated Valorant fan has asked a super interesting question on Reddit on agent.
  • The fan thinks it would be great to combine the abilities of two agents in one.
  • With Fade's pullers and Raze's nades or Sova's recon and Brimstone's smoke, there are a lot of exciting combinations.
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Valorant is one of the most popular gaming titles in the world and one of the reasons for this impressive success is the diverse agent pool. As of now, the game features a total of 24 agents across four different classes.


With the various agent rosters, each of them contains unique and exciting abilities as well, which makes the game more fun to play. But have you ever wondered what it will look like if we combine the abilities of two agents into one?

Valorant Fan Comes Up with a Unique Thought

Reyna and Fade.
It would be great if we could combine the abilities of different agents into one in Valorant. | Image Credit: Riot Games.

Valorant features four classes of agents: duelists, senators, initiators, and controllers. Each of them has different roles in matches. For example, duelists are the entry fraggers, whereas senators are experts in hiding a site along with watching the flanks.


But sometimes we think it would be great if we could combine the abilities of two different agents, like Fade’s Seize and Raze’s Paint Shells (although it’s already an OP combo), in one single agent.

If we could combine two agent’s abilities into one,which two agent’s will create the most powerful character?

A fan has come up on Reddit with a similar question to ask the community about their thoughts on combining two agent abilities into one. In that post, one fan has suggested a unique combination that has the ability to become the new meta in the game.


byu/-KABiR from discussion

This fan has suggested the combination of the two fearsome duelists of the game, Iso and Reyna. They think it would be inevitable if the agent shields, then gets the kill, and then dismisses away. This agent can get healed as well.

byu/-KABiR from discussion


Just think of that: this combined character is taking entry into the site by blinding and too with the moving cover. Can anyone beat this agent? And surely people are going to be crazy if something like this ever happens in reality. Yoru was unbeatable though at one point in the game.

Other OP Agent Combination in Valorant

Agents in Valorant | Credit: Riot Games.
Which abilities should be combined to make the most OP agent in Valorant? | Image Credit: Riot Games.

Making a combination of characters is fun. For example, combining Sova with any other smoker, like Brimstone or Omen, would be deadly. You can smoke in front of the enemies, then throw the recon to get their position. What’s next, then? Hold crouch, open the ADS, and then ramp up the Odin on them.

Another ability combination would have surely popped up in most fans: Jett with any flasher like Phoenix. Just imagine the agent as he smokes, flashes, and dashes into the entry site with the ult knives in his hand. Pray for the Sentinels to hold this agent.


Brimstone and Gekko would be a serious combo as well, because both the ults can deep fry a whole squad with ease. There is another hilarious combo as well, and that is between Gekko and Yoru. Will players be able to stop the decoy from plating the spike?

You can also think about an agent who can lock enemies through Deadlock’s GravNet and throw a molly on them, like Phoenix or Kay/O. Do you also have some OP agent ability combinations in mind? Then let us know in the comment section, for sure.


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