“When the hacker you lost too gets banned?”: Valorant’s Banning System Still Unfair Towards The Innocent Victims of Hacking Until Riot Decide to Change

Hackers are not the only ones who get slammed by Riot in Valorant.

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  • One Valorant fan has expressed his dissatisfaction regarding harsh treatment towards the victims of hackers.
  • Fans demand that deducted RR from a lost match be returned to them when hacking is involved.
  • Implementing this system would be very complicated as it would lead to random RR accumulation.
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Despite being a highly popular title, Valorant is suffering from some issues. This 5v5 shooter from Riot is seemingly infested with toxic players and ‘throwers’ all around. Gamers now fear playing with random users.


Hackers are probably the most disgusting aspect of any game, and this Riot title is no exception. However, if there is something worse than the hackers, it might just be how Riot has treated the victims of hacking.

Valorant is Harsh to Both the Hackers and Their Victims

Image of Jett from Valorant.
Players get to face punishments as well, along with the hackers in Valorant. | Credit: Riot Games.

Recently, a dedicated Valorant fan took to Reddit and shared his dissatisfaction regarding a common aspect of the game’s mechanism. It is quite strange that Riot hasn’t done anything meaningful in this regard, as many have already faced this issue.


Why do you not get RR back when the hacker you lost too gets banned?
byu/FrameOfDoor inVALORANT

As seen above, this fan was playing a competitive match, and there was a Jett on the enemy team, which was killing them ruthlessly. Although they lost the match badly with a huge RR deduction, the fan and his team reported the Jett for suspicious gameplay.

After a couple of matches, the fan was notified that the suspicious Jett, whom everyone reported, had been banned on the offense of cheating. It was swift work from Riot to ban that player. But the question then becomes: what will happen to the RR points that were deducted after losing against the hacker?


The fan lost 30 minutes of gameplay along with 28 RR points. And 28 Elo rating points is huge in the competitive world of Valorant. He stated that he doesn’t deserve to earn from this unfair loss, but at the very least he wants his deducted RR back. Now, it’s up to Riot to look after this matter and bring about a solid fix for this issue.

How Should Riot Effectively Make Up For Hackers?

Hacker detected screen from Valorant.
It will be critical to restore RR for canceled matches due to the hackers. | Credit: Riot Games.

In that post, one fan shared his thoughts on this situation. He thinks it would be okay if Riot detected the hacker and canceled the match immediately after it ended. Now, that’s not always the case, just like in that fan’s scenario where the hacker was banned after two matches and not right after that suspicious match.

And that’s why things will get more complicated if a victim of hacking starts a match after playing a suspicious one. For instance, suppose you are playing a match and lose to a hacker. You will lose ELO points. Now you will face an easier match, as you lost the previous one.


byu/FrameOfDoor from discussion

If Riot had canceled the previous match due to hacking and didn’t deduct RR, then the next match would have become harder instead of easier. And if you have won the next match, then returning ELO for the canceled match is like inflating RR points out of nowhere.

Just imagine if you faced 50 hackers in 3 months, and all of a sudden all of them got banned, and Riot started returning all your lost ELO points because of those hackers. You would jump from silver to radiant in no time.


What’s your opinion on this issue? How should Riot go about making things up to the victims? Let us know in the comment section below.


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