Marvel’s First Vampire ‘Varnae’ Almost Became The Sorcerer Supreme

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Dracula is undoubtedly the most popular and powerful Marvel vampire but Varnae, his predecessor, was equally strong and terrifying. He is capable of controlling dark magic, and he was almost called the Sorcerer Supreme.


Many sorcerers have held the title, such as Doctor Strange and Clea, but the vampire missed the opportunity because he lacked the ethics of what would have been the morals of wielding such a royal title.

Doctor Strange Clea Sorcerer Supreme


Varnae, The Almost Sorcerer Supreme

The Comics Code Authority has strict guidelines regarding comic stories with vampires in them. American comic books are not allowed to publish books depicting vampires, but by the early 1970s, the ban was lifted. In 1972, Marvel published Tomb of Dracula #1. Dracula became the most powerful of all vampires.

Varnae, on the other hand, was not only a bloodsucker but also a very powerful magician. He is a member of the Darkhold Cult, making him a bigger threat to everyone. In Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #18 (1990), Varnae was revealed to almost hold the Sorcerer Supreme title.

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In the scene where he was resurrected by Marie Laveau, Varnae came face to face with Doctor Strange. When he learned that the latter is now the Sorcerer Supreme, the magician remarked that he fancied that title. Having never achieved this goal, he became the Lord of the Vampires instead.

A Possible MCU Role

Even in the beginning, Varnae is undeserving of the title. He is a devoted member of the Darkhold Cult, and his desire for the ultimate position is for his own selfish ambitions. Imagine what horror he could do if he is both a vampire and a Sorcerer Supreme.

Marvel Vampire Varnae


Varnae’s history is a lot to uncover, knowing he spread vampirism all over the Earth and gave rise to Dracula. The dark magician had a little introduction in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, teasing his coming to the MCU.


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