“Vegeta had lost all courage, which is horrifying”: Vegeta’s Voice Actor Revealed His Favorite Dragon Ball Movie That Did the Saiyan Prince Justice

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Vegeta's Voice Actor Revealed His Favorite Dragon Ball Movie That Did the Saiyan Prince Justice

The English voice actor of Vegeta is well known throughout the Dragon Ball Z fandom. However, he isn’t only popular for voicing the Prince of Saiyans. Christopher Sabat has worked on other projects as well, such as the voice of All Might in My Hero Academia. He was interviewed by Collider back in 2018 about his opinions regarding Dragon Ball Z movies, and which movie was his favorite.

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What is the favorite Dragon Ball Z movie of Vegeta’s voice actor?

Dragon Ball Z Goku Super Saiyan
Dragon Ball Z Goku Super Saiyan

In an interview with Collider, Vegeta’s voice actor, Christopher Sabat, was asked, “Among ‘Broly’, ‘Bardock’, and ‘Fusion’, do you have a favorite movie or arc for Vegeta?” 

To this, the voice actor answered that Dragon Ball Z Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan is his favorite among those three movies. He explains further to The Collider,

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“I actually had a hand in adapting that script. It was my first attempt at anime writing and it admittedly it was my last. I decided after that script that I don’t have the right personality to sit by my computer for so long. I’m way too easily distracted.” 

Sabat chuckles for a brief moment and continues to talk about Vegeta’s emotional conflict,

“I loved that in Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan, you get to see Vegeta in a conflicted, worried state. Vegeta had lost all courage, which is horrifying because it’s a very rare occurrence for him.”

Dragon Ball Z Vegeta
Dragon Ball Z Vegeta

Christopher Sabat was also interviewed by the Entertainment Weekly in 2019. He was asked which specific part from the movie was his favorite, to which he replied, “My favorite scene in the whole film is the scene with Bardock and Gine.” 

“There’s something about that conversation between the two of them. In the past, the Saiyans were depicted just as heartless pirates, stealing planets from people.”

He continued elaborating his opinion and expressed his curiosity towards Bardock as something was apparently interesting. He continues his answer,

“Even his wife says in this scene, ‘Why are you doing this? Saiyan fathers don’t normally care that much about their children.’” 

“He says, ‘I’ve spent my whole life destroying, I just want to save something for once.’” Sabat seemingly found this line rather enticing as it captured his attention well enough for him to remember every detail of the scene and talk about them profoundly in the interview.

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What happens in Dragon Ball Z Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan?

Dragon Ball Z Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan
Dragon Ball Z Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan

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The events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly occurs after Super. However, it’s not a prerequisite to understand the plot. In the story, it’s revealed that there’s another survivor of the Saiyan race other than Goku and Vegeta. His name is Broly, who was exiled to another planet after the King of Saiyan became concerned about his power potential. The newly resurrected Frieza who was rather vengeanceful of Vegeta finds Broly, who then sends him to Earth.

Source: Collider, Entertainment Weekly

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