Vegeta’s Ultra Ego Has One Humiliating Weakness That Stops Him from Surpassing Goku’s Ultra Instinct

A tiny yet fatal flaw in Vegeta's ultimate technique prevents him from surpassing Goku!

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  • Goku and Vegeta have been acting as the two main protagonists in Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball series.
  • Vegeta's Ultra Ego brought him one step closer to Goku but a tiny flaw hindered him from surpassing his rival.
  • There's a very high probability that Vegeta will unlock a greater power than Ultra Ego in the near future.
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Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball’s success and popularity stems from a number of aspects, but one of the greatest aspects of the show is the wide range of characters that the series has featured over the years. One of them is Vegeta, who was introduced to the series as a villain. However, he has come a long way fighting alongside a fellow Saiyan, Kakarot, who is the main protagonist of the story.

Vegeta is became an instant fan favorite character in Dragon Ball series
Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The two complement each other as they have a never-ending rivalry, constantly pushing each other harder to surpass their limits. The Saiyans are often found trading accomplishments as they unlock new Super Saiyan forms. Both have their ultimate transformations, with Kakarot having Ultra Instinct and The Prince of All Saiyans having Ultra Ego.

Sadly, The Proud Saiyan’s signature technique has one embarrassing weakness that limits him forever from surpassing Kakarot’s UI.


Vegeta’s Ultra Ego Has One Shortcoming That Hinders Him From Surpassing Kakarot

Unlike the Super Saiyan transformation, the concept of Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego has been recently developed by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou. As fans know, Vegeta has always felt the pressure that Kakarot has something up his sleeve to save the day, like his forbidden Super Saiyan technique. However, he shakes away this inferiority complex as he forges his path to superior power.

Kakarot and Vegeta training with Whis on Lord Beerus' Planet
A still from Dragon Ball Super

During the Granolah Arc, the antagonist proved to outpower Kakarot in his UI form. The villain then comes for Vegeta, and he fights him in his Super Saiyan Blue Form, but as the transformation starts to fall short, change starts to take place inside the Saiyan, and he unlocks the monstrous transformation, skyrocketing his power level.

The form resembles Kakarot’s SSJ3 form, where his eyebrows disappeared. However, in this form, his eyes attained a magenta-like color, with hair changing to a tyrian purple, and a flame-like purple aura circulates around his body. 

A panel from the Granolah Arc in Dragon Ball Super manga
Vegeta in his Ultra Ego form

The form perfectly suits him as the form has no power limit, and its peak strength comes down to the Saiyan’s endurance and dedication to battle. His pride and stubborn nature will enable him to use the full potential of the transformation. When Vegeta unlocked this form, his fans rejoiced that he would now finally surpass Kakarot as this form has no power cap, but this ability acts as a two-edged sword.

The UE transformation comes with one astonishing flaw. The form is designed around pain, abuse, and ruthless aggression. However, the form takes advantage of the battle-heightened mindset of the Saiyan. As per Dragon Ball Wiki, the form will make its users act rashly due to the heightened lust for battle. 

In other words, if Vegeta takes too much physical damage, it will hinder him from fighting effectively, which means he will become berserk and abandon his morality; something similar to the Buu saga, when he was possessed by Babidi. This is a major yet embarrassing flaw in the transformation but knowing how determined the Saiyan is, he will find an alternate or sustainable technique something like Kakarot’s Mastered UI.


What Are The Chances of The Prince of All Saiyans Unlocking a Greater Power Than Ultra Ego?

Even though Toyotarou has recently come up with UE, it is quite possible that the Saiyan is a long way from unlocking its true potential. Moreover, Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series is known for one major theme, which is the relentless pursuit of improving oneself. Hence, there is a very high probability that Vegeta will unlock a new form or an upgraded form of his signature technique.

Vegeta unlocked a greater variant of SSJ Blue during the Tournament of Power
A still from the Tournament of Power Arc in Dragon Ball Super

If the Proud Saiyan dedicatedly trains and continues to push himself, he will surely develop a graduated form. Saiyans are known for their battle adaptability and the longer a fight continues, the stronger they become. This will be similar to Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power Arc, where everyone believes Kakarot’s half-attained UI is his limit.

However, he proved everyone wrong because, in the final minutes of the tournament, he mastered the power which even Gods of destruction have failed to master. Furthermore, both Saiyans push each other so there’s no doubt that The Prince of All Saiyans would sit back and watch his rival build a gap between them.


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