Venom 2 Proves It Is Easy To Add Deadpool To The MCU

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Venom: Let There Be Carnage highlighted how simple it would be to bring Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool into the MCU Most of the Marvel characters acquired in the purchase of 20th Century Fox, particularly the X-Men, are expected to be rebooted in the MCU, but with Ryan Reynolds set to reprise Deadpool, it’s created a number of doubts about how the MCU would approach Deadpool canon.


Deadpool is expected to join Disney’s Marvel characters in the MCU

Venom is not actually in the MCU Spiderman no way home

While all of Fox’s Marvel films have been a mixed bag, Deadpool’s two films have gotten positive reviews. While it may be difficult for the MCU to bring all of the existing X-Men actors into the MCU, Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of the Merc With a Mouth was too popular to ignore, prompting big questions about how this will affect his franchise, which takes place in one of Fox’s X-Men (even if Deadpool’s canon maybe even more complicated).


Venom: Let There Be Carnage proves that you don’t need a complicated explanation to transport the characters to a new reality.

There have been a few hints about crossovers between Sony’s non-Spider-Man Marvel characters and the MCU, such as Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes appearing in the Morbius trailer, but the post-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, in which Eddie Brock and Venom are suddenly transported to the MCU, still surprising audiences.

Venom 2 shows just how easy it is to bring Deadpool into the MCU spiderman no way home

The physics at play may be less exciting to many audience members than simply having these characters share the same universe, especially with someone like Deadpool, who’ll undoubtedly have his own commentary about the leap between universes. It’s unlikely that Venom’s multiversal jump will go unsolved indefinitely, but the fact that fans are accepting it despite seeing little more than him sucking Tom Holland on a TV screen says it’s not a high priority.


This basic cross-universe jump doesn’t have to be limited to Venom and Deadpool. Now that Venom has cleared the road, Marvel Studios can use any popular Marvel characters from outside the MCU as needed, with Doctor Strange presumably handwaving the explanation away in a subsequent film. Whether or not this strategy is beneficial to the MCU depends on how they handle the characters once they’ve made the transition, but due to Venom, we now know it’s a lot easier than it appears.


Written by Prachee Mishra

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