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Venom 2 Wastes Another She-Venom Possibility Yet Again

Venom 2 Wastes Another She Venom Possibility Yet Again

Well, it looks like Venom 2 has wasted another She-Venom opportunity. It’s no doubt that the much-awaited sequel is going places and making waves in the industry. Tom Hardy is yet again hard at work with his charm and the movie just simply stands out with Woody Harrelson chiming in. However, one aspect that is somewhat disappointing the fans is the wasted opportunity of She-Venom. Once again, the character has been shelved aside in a marginalized role of love interest Anne Weying. Venom 2 has wasted another She-Venom opportunity. Check it out below.

Venom 2 Wastes Another She-Venom Possibility

Michelle Williams in Venom 2
Michelle Williams in Venom 2

The reason why this particular aspect is disappointing the fans is because of its predecessor, Venom (2018). Fans literally jumped out of their seats when Anne Weying (Michelle Willaims) transformed into She-Venom to save Eddie from the S.W.A.T. team. It was easily one of the most-loved scenes from the movie. However, this led to a major expectation in the sequel.


After this particular scene in the 2018 movie and the confirmation of Willaims as Anne in the sequel, people started expecting. And that is more screentime of William’s as She-Venom, maybe even alongside Eddie. However, this did not happen as Sony went on to waste another well-crafted opportunity to give what the fans wanted.

Sony Ignored Michelle William’s Character

Michelle William as Anne Weying aka She-Venom
Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, aka She-Venom

Of course, one might say that the movie had Carnage (Woody Harrelson) who deserved more screen time. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of giving She-Venom a moment to shine. Moreover, the bonding between Weying and Venom, and her ability to control Venom’s killer urges hinted at the start of a fascinating relationship.

Venom and She-Venom
Venom and She-Venom

Now, this left the fans hanging high and dry with the possibility that Sony might explore more of this relationship. But Venom: Let There Be Carnage failed to do so. So, we think if Sony would ever be interested in taking this further or not because the content is really appealing.

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Written by Deepak Vasisht