Venom Star Tom Hardy Paid 2.5X More Than Tom Holland Despite Holland’s Spider-Man Trilogy Making $2.57 Billion More

Venom Star Tom Hardy Paid 2.5X More Than Tom Holland Despite Holland's Spider-Man Trilogy Making $2.57 Billion More

Tom Hardy plays the role of the highly popular anti-hero Venom. Sony’s movie was initially released in 2018 and was received well by the audience. Owing to its success, the second part of the franchise, Venom: Let There Be Carnage was released in 2021. The movies have made Tom Hardy one of the most loved action heroes, as well as one of the highest-paid comic book superheroes.  

Tom Hardy as Venom
Tom Hardy as Venom

As per the reports, Venom star Tom Hardy has earned a total of $44 million for the three-movie franchise, which is 2.5X More than Tom Holland’s income in the Spider-man series.

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Tom Hardy’s income in Sony’s superhero film franchise Venom

The first installment of the Venom series was released in 2018 and was received well by the audience. The production team did not want to take risks with the budget for the film, hence, Hardy was paid only $7 million for the role. He was a journalist named Eddie Brock, a human that hosted the symbiote, Venom.

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Tom Hardy in Venom

With the grand success of the first film in the series, the second one was released in 2021. As per the reports, the actor was paid a massive salary of $17 million for the high-grossing film. Now the production team is working on the third installment of the movie. As per the reports, the lead actor of the film will be paid a whopping amount of $20 million for the role.

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Tom Holland’s income for the MCU Spiderman franchise

Tom Holland made his superhero debut with the film Captain America: Civil War released in 2016. He was paid a total of $250000. After the success of the film, Holland was offered his own franchise. The first one was Spider-man: Homecoming for which he was paid $500000 by Marvel Studios. He also earned a contractual bonus from the film performance, which increased his pay to $1.5 million.

His next release in 2019 was Spider-Man: Far From Home, for which he earned a massive amount of $4 million. The movie was a smashing hit at the box office and grossed $1.9 billion worldwide. Tom Holland’s salary for the third installment in 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home was reportedly around $10 million, which is one massive pay increase for the star. No doubt, the actor is quickly climbing the ladder of success.

Zendaya and Tom Holland in a still from Spider-Man: Far From Home
Zendaya and Tom Holland in a still from Spider-Man: Far From Home

However, on comparison between the pay of the two actors for their franchises, Tom Hardy earned approximately $44 million from Venom, whereas Tom Holland landed $15.5 million. It is much lesser than the former star. But if we take a look at the gross income of the Venom franchise it comes to $1.36 billion. Whereas the gross income of all Tom Holland’s Spiderman movies is $3.9 billion.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is streaming on Amazon Prime and Spider-man: No Way Home is streaming on Netflix.

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