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Venomverse Fan Art Imagines Potential Future

Sony is gearing up to introduce a variety of new characters in their Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters.

Besides, the superhero universe that started with Venom in 2018 will feature the releases of Morbius and Venom 2 next year.

Clearly, there are a host of new characters in development by Sony as they seek to emulate the success of Marvel Cinematic Universe in the superhero universe genre.

And a new fan Venomverse fan art has propelled fans to go hysteric regarding a possible Sony flick in the next time.   

What does the fan art reveal?

A user named @psychboz has posted the fan art on his profile on Instagram.

It depicted all the characters in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters.

Moreover, it seems that a Venom Verse storyline will be followed as the concept movie’s plot.

A number of Spider-Man related characters could feature in the future Venom movies. 

Check out the fan art posted on Instagram by clicking the link below:

The future of Spider-Man in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters

The future of Spider-Man in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters is a question that is being asked by a lot of people.

Moreover, the web-slinging superhero is an active part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, recent speculation has indicated that Spider-Man could be a part of future movies made by Sony.

Moreover, the upcoming Venom 2 could see a Spider-Man feature played by Tom Holland.  

What are Sony’s future releases in the Marvel Universe?

In conclusion, several Sony projects are lined up for release in the near future.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage featuring Tom Hardy will release in July next year.

Moreover, Morbius that is in continuity with future Spider-Man films will release in 2021.

The movie has cast Jared Leto as the lead character.

There is much excitement among Marvel fans they look forward to a fantastic lineup of Spider-Man themed movies in the future. 

Source: ComicBook, CBR

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