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5 Reasons Vesemir Is The Greatest Witcher (& 5 Why It’s Geralt Of Rivia)

The true fans of the popular show The Witcher will know all about Geralt of Rivia. The animated movie ‘Witcher: Nightmare of the wolf‘ introduced another Witcher, Vesemir, Geralt’s father figure & mentor. Geralt and Vesemir are the most prolific members of the School of the Wolf and the most experienced Witchers on the continent. Let’s look at why Vesemir Is The Greatest Witcher or why Geralt of Rivia can be better.

Here are the 5 Reasons Why Vesemir Is The Greatest Witcher:

1. He’s way more experienced in everything. From fighting with all types of monsters for decades to being the oldest member of the School of Wolf, he has come a long way. He is the most experienced Witcher alive. Vesemir has learned to adapt himself according to the circumstances.

Vesemir Is The Greatest Witcher

2. He is more approachable than anyone else. Vesemir is rude but charming too; he had a whole different aura. He may keep people at a certain distance, but he also helped them and made alliances. While Geralt hardly had a conversation with anyone. A Witcher should be approachable enough to talk.

3. For a Witcher, reputation is everything, and Vesemir has an excellent reputation. Everyone respects him and believes that he is capable of defeating the terrifying monsters that haunt them. Everyone appreciates and respects Vesemir, but they fear Geralt.

Vesemir Is The Greatest Witcher

4. As mentioned above, Vesemir is the last mentor figure in the School of the Wolf. He is the Witcher’s whole history. He is a constant reminder for everyone that things can get better again.

Vesemir Is The Greatest Witcher

5. He has seen it all as being someone who lived through some of the darkest times in Witcher history. He’s aware of every mistake which can lead his fellow Witchers dead. Also he knows that he shouldn’t repeat said mistakes made in the past. Thus Vesemir is The Greatest Witcher of all times.

Vesemir Is The Greatest Witcher

Now let us switch to 5 Reasons Geralt Is The Greatest Witcher:

1. When you’ll look at Geralt for the first time, he may look like a loner. But as his journey proceeds, he gains some trustworthy friends in the process. Jaskier becomes his best friend, and he also had Ciri and Yennifer with him, who always had his back.

2. Even though he stays a bit isolated, he isn’t alone. He has a whole group of Witcher friends. In season 2, The Witcher will introduce his relationship with Lambert, which will be exciting for fans. On the other hand, Vesemir had no one to count on; all his fellow Witchers were dead.

3. Fear can be an effective weapon; Geralt has a fearsome reputation. Witchers should be more frightening and bold, and they are the invincible warriors of the continent. Fear sometimes may be the wrong choice, but it still works. 

Vesemir Is The Greatest Witcher

4. Being the protagonist of the story, Geralt has more significant aims and purposes. He’ll do anything to keep his destiny, the Cintran Princess Ciri, safe. His fate is intertwined with Yennefer’s, a skilled user of powerful magic.

5. Geralt of Rivia is, without any doubt, one of a kind. He is the best warrior on the continent. Geralt has all the powers of a Witcher and other extraordinary abilities. Additionally, Geralt holds unique talents and capabilities no one else can possess. The fate of the continent is dependent on him.

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