Join a diverse and professional team of entertainment fans dedicated to delivering content to millions! This is a PAID POSITION, please contact us for payment details. Please read ALL the details of the position that we have listed below. Thank you!


  • Editing must be original and follow minimum requirements set by the producer.
  • Must be proficient in English.
  • Have a strong knowledge of movies, television, and pop culture.
  • Have a moderate understanding of cinematic elements such as themes, cinematography, character development, and storytelling.
  • Be able to edit a minimum of two 8+ minute videos per month.
  • Have proficient communication skills.
  • Meet the style requirements set by the producers.


  • Receive pay for each published video you’ve edited. (At the end of every month)
  • Eligible for potential free access to various events including but not limited to conventions, press junkets, press screenings, as well as movie and tv premieres.
  • Exposure as well as experience to further your career in editing, content creation, production, or journalism.
  • It’s fun!