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Vin Diesel Became Real Life Dominic Toretto After Saving Entire Family from Burning Car Wreckage Following High Speed Crash

Vin Diesel Became Real Life Dominic Toretto After Saving Entire Family from Burning Car Wreckage Following High Speed Crash

Vin Diesel has been the center of the Fast and the Furious franchise since the first movie completely changed the meaning of street racing. The heart of street racing became that of the franchise and the cars shown in the movies became iconic almost immediately. More than that, the crux of the entire plot, regardless of which movie it may be, had to be the importance of family.

Vin Diesel Fast and Furious
Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto in Fast and Furious

The importance of family was shown uniquely with its primary focus being on how the family did not start nor did it end with blood. He may be a hero on screen, whether it is saving the galaxy with the Guardians or the world with his Fast and the Furious family. Dominic Toretto or Groot, Vin Diesel proved that he is just as much a hero in real life as he is in front of the camera.

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Vin Diesel Saved A Family From A Car That Was About To Blow

Years before Fast and the Furious would become one of the biggest franchises in the world and a decade before he would debut as Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vin Diesel was a real-life hero. A normal day in the streets of Hollywood in 2002 very quickly became a dangerous risk for the actor. He was on his bike going about Hollywood casually when he stumbled across an accident.

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Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious
Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious

He saw a car speeding and unable to break, crashing disastrously against something. Diesel did not waste a single second, he immediately turned towards the crash and rushed for the family that was trapped beneath the car wreck. Many people were stuck inside and the actor tried his best to get all of them out, which he was successful in doing. He rescued them just in time as the car blew up behind them, becoming a pit of fire. Luckily no one was extremely hurt and it was all thanks to the actor and his courage.

Unfortunately, his dearest friend Paul Walker, who was also the protagonist of the franchise, died during the shoot of Furious 7. The movie was later dedicated to him and the tragedy was something no one could quite comprehend at first. His death was honored and the movie became a massive success. Walker’s daughter even walked the aisle with her godfather, none other than Diesel himself. May Paul Walker rest in peace.

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Vin Diesel Would Pick The Perfect Cars For The Fast And The Furious Series By Auditioning Them

When it comes to the franchise, Vin Diesel is both the producer as well as the protagonist, making him have a much bigger say in things than anyone else in the cast. The cast and the cars were both very important as each car was supposed to best fit the personality and characteristics of the roles that the actors were to play.

Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel

“The cars have really been such a significant part and representation of our characters, that there is a process of casting, right? Of casting the exact vehicle for the state of mind that the character is in, or the journey that the character is going through.”

To ensure that such decisions weren’t made hastily, Diesel would go as far as to audition the cars instead of simply picking them out. The car was supposed to exactly represent its rider, from the looks to how it sounded and how it worked. Every aspect was supposed to mix with the character and the actor made sure of that by auditioning them.

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