Vin Diesel Reveals Why Cars Audition for $6.6B Fast and Furious Franchise: “Representation of our characters”

Vin Diesel Reveals Why Cars Audition for $6.6B Fast and Furious Franchise: "Representation of our characters"

Vin Diesel, the man known for portraying a character that would die for his family, revealed the audition process for the Fast & Furious franchise. And not talking about just the actors, Diesel revealed that the extensive collection of cars used in the movie also has to go through an audition process!

As per the XXX actor, the cars represent the character that they have been assigned to and represent the integral journey of that character throughout that movie. And hence, it seems that Dominic Toretto would often judge people based on their cars.

Vin Diesel in the Louis Leterrier directed Fast X
Vin Diesel in the Louis Leterrier-directed Fast X

Vin Diesel Reveals Auditioning Process For Cars in Fast & Furious!

Back when the world of racing was still fascinating, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel starred as the leads in a movie that would become a pivotal franchise in the history of humankind. The duo starred in The Fast and the Furious back in 2001 and the franchise continued to grow further and further into distant horizons with multiple characters and spin-offs and resurrections under its name.

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Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in Fast Five (2011).
Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in Fast Five (2011).

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Although the franchise does seem to have moved on from racing to saving-the-world narrative over the years, one thing that hasn’t changed is the spectacular cars! Talking about the choice of cars and how a car is chosen for a character, Vin Diesel revealed that much like actors, cars too, have to audition for the film!

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Vin Diesel talked about the plethora of cars shown throughout the franchise and how each car depicted a certain emotion or symbolism of the character during that part of the movie.

“The cars have really been such a significant part and representation of our characters, that there is a process of casting, right? Of casting the exact vehicle for the state of mind that the character is in, or the journey that the character is going through.”

This wasn’t all since Vin Diesel is currently working on the 10th part of the franchise Fast X and according to the actor, he has already thought up the final ending.

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Vin Diesel Has Already The Perfect Ending for Fast & Furious

Vin Diesel on a Fast & Furious set
Vin Diesel on a Fast & Furious set

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With Fast X currently in the works and Fast XI stated to be the final part of the franchise, actor Vin Diesel has already thought of the perfect way to end the franchise. Speaking to Collider, the actor stated that he has worked so hard over the years and that the ending would be truly worth it.

During his talks, the actor was working on Fast 9 and recalled that he would go home and then work on Fast X for the night.

“I have a scene that’s recurring [in my mind] and has been for years now of what I always imagined what the finale of the finale would be. And Justin [Lin] and I have talked to great lengths and worked towards that. Could I articulate it now or would I articulate it? I might not be able to do that, but what’s unique about this release is that we had to push the release a year. And we pushed into our preproduction of that two-part ‘Fast’ finale. So, every day, I’m coming to talk about ‘Fast 9’ and going home to work on ‘Fast 10.'”

With Jason Momoa set to lead as the antagonist of the movie, Fast X, starring Vin Diesel is slated for a release date of 19th May 2023 in theaters across the U.S.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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