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Vin Diesel Was So Sh*t-Scared ‘Fast and Furious’ Co-Star Dwayne Johnson Would Kick His A**, He Implemented an Equal Pain Point System So That “Diesel always came out on top”

Vin Diesel Was So Sh*t-Scared 'Fast and Furious' Co-Star Dwayne Johnson Would Kick His A**, He Implemented an Equal Pain Point System So That “Diesel always came out on top”

The Fast & Furious franchise always had its fair share of drama, and at this point, any Hollywood event without some fair amount of action off the screens is an issue of concern. However, what transpired between The Rock and Vin Diesel on the sets of The Fate of the Furious was a matter exceeding a commonplace fallout between co-stars. Their disagreement, to put it mildly, would go on to affect not only the franchise as a whole but drag the entire business sluggishly through the mud, including Paul Walker’s shockingly tragic and premature death.

Vin Diesel and The Rocks feud shows no sign of cooling down
Vin Diesel and The Rock’s feud shows no sign of cooling down

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Vin Diesel’s Ridiculous Rule on Set of Fate of the Furious

The fallout between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson has always had fantastical versions of events to satiate the fandom’s curiosity regarding what must have happened between the two A-listers. One version claims tardiness as a probable cause – perhaps the unprofessionalism of one didn’t suit the work ethics of the other. Other rumors are all chalked up to clashing egos. And now, a new version of the rumor has risen just as Fast X draws closer to its launching date. 

Vin Diesel v Dwayne Johnson
Vin Diesel v Dwayne Johnson

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According to a new report, Vin Diesel had allegedly invented a numerical point system to keep track of the number of hits being thrown around among the trio: Diesel, The Rock, and Jason Statham. In order for no one actor getting to throw more punches or roundhouse kicks than the other two, the point system would measure and dole out equal action-fueled choreography. An insider reveals:

Diesel became concerned that British action star Jason Statham was landing a few too many punches during one particular fight scene. So he suggested that a numerical system be implemented, so that punches, body slams, roundhouse kicks, and head butts all had separate values and could be properly counted up to make sure Diesel always came out on top.

Then, an ‘equal pain’ clause was created, ensuring that everyone received an equal amount of pain, and none of the three men downright lost a fight.

Vin Diesel and The Rock behind the scenes
Vin Diesel and The Rock behind the scenes

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Even though the numerical point system was later replaced in favor of an equal pain clause, the contract was still ridiculous in its entirety. The trio apparently ended up signing a written agreement to officially close the deal. This pain clause could have resulted in a clash of egos on set and has become the new rumor pandering to the mass curiosity regarding what ultimately resulted in the breakdown of the Fast family.

A Brief Recap of the Vin Diesel vs. Dwayne Johnson Drama

The Vin Diesel v Dwayne Johnson drama has now become as ubiquitous as the debate surrounding Henry Cavill in the global pop culture scene. However, for those who haven’t been keeping in touch with all things hot and happening in and around Hollywood, here’s a quick recap of the crash and burn of one of Hollywood’s most high-profile action thriller duo. 

The flitterings of friction began on the sets of the franchise’s eighth installment, as The Rock posted a cryptic message on social media about his male co-stars being difficult to work with. The ensuing few years since then have seen The Rock publicly quit the franchise and go off on his own with the Hobbs & Show spin-off sequel. Since then, numerous to and fro between him and Vin Diesel added up to comprise an ugly battle of words and cryptic posts denoting an irreparable argument between the pair.

Vin Diesel's plea falls on deaf ears
Vin Diesel’s plea falls on deaf ears

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As Fast X entered production, Diesel attempted a final shot at reconciliation despite The Rock saying that a verbal understanding between the two had put the matter to rest and Johnson had already said his goodbyes to the franchise. And yet, Diesel’s lengthy imploration was construed by Johnson as manipulation, especially considering how the former had invoked family and Walker’s death in his persuasive attempt to get The Rock back on board.

That remained the final exchange between the two and nothing has been heard from either of the actors ever since.

Fast X premieres on May 19, 2023.

Source: Complex

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