Viral Alien Deleted Scene Reveals Ridley Scott Narrowly Avoided One of the Most Preposterous Xenomorph Scenes in $1.6B Franchise

A Viral deleted Alien scene could have affected the tension built in the movie surrounding Xenomorph.

viral alien deleted scene reveals ridley scott narrowly avoided one of the most preposterous xenomorph scenes in $1.6b franchise


  • The success of Ridley Scott's Alien movie spawned a great franchise.
  • However, the movie could have compromised the horror and suspence element due to a deleted scene.
  • The clip showcased full Xenomorph, ending the tensed environment Scott built upto that point.
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Ridley Scott’s Alien movie has undoubtedly earned a great spot in the sci-fi horror genre. The movie’s success spawned a franchise releasing many sequels, cross-overs, and spin-offs. However, several scenes couldn’t make it in the final cut. Among these scenes include a viral deleted scene from the 1979 movie which surely can be deemed among the most preposterous Xenomorph scenes in the franchise. 

Ridley Scott's Alien 
Ridley Scott’s Alien

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Featuring an ensemble cast, the movie revolves around the spaceship’s crew, Nostromo, who investigate a mysterious derelict spaceship from a nearby planet. However, they find themselves up against a deadly extraterrestrial creature that terrifies them as it grows and evolves.


Deleted Alien Scene Revealed Xenomorph in Full View

Veronica Cartwright in Alien
Veronica Cartwright in Alien

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Alien has incorporated the horror and suspense element to its best with its terrifying Xenomorph. Since the main plot began, the filmmaker left his physical appearance in the imagination of the audience while dropping slight hints of what exactly the predator was. Not only did it develop a horror element in the audiences’ minds, but it also created much-needed hype for the villain. However, the viral deleted scene of the movie featured Veronica Cartwright’s Lambert in the machinery room where the Xenomorph reveals itself completely.

The scene featured Lambert in the machinery room when she felt the presence of something eerie behind her. As she realizes the predator, it completely reveals itself. It was better that Ridley Scott avoided the preposterous Xenomorph scene in the movie as it would have highly affected the tension that was built up to that point. While the movie continued to give the audience chills, one scene even shocked the cast, leading to an actor fainting on set. 


Ridley Scott Kept the Chestburster Scene Surprise from Alien Cast

John Hurt and Ridley Scott in Alien
John Hurt and Ridley Scott in Alien

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The chestbuster scene is surely wild and terrifying to watch as an audience, however, the cast themselves had no idea about that sequence. It was because Scott wanted to capture the reactions as genuine as possible, leaving behind a terrifying surprise for the cast.

In an interview with The Guardian, he stated, 


“Prosthetics in those days weren’t that good. I figured the best thing to do was to get stuff from a butcher’s shop and a fishmonger. On the morning we had them examining the Facehugger; that was clams, oysters, seafood. You had to be ready to shoot because it started to smell pretty quickly. You can’t make better stuff than that – it’s organic.”

Film executive producer, Dan O’Bannon further gave his insight on the scene sharing that the director tended to “the finest detail” to make the scene realistic. That scene led Cartwright to faint on the set. Ronald Shusett, who contributed to writing the film’s story revealed, 

“Veronica Cartwright – when the blood hit her, she passed out. I heard from Yaphet Kotto’s wife that after that scene he went to his room and wouldn’t talk to anybody.”

Actor, Sigourney Weaver shared his views on the sequence stating, 

“All I could think of was John, frankly. I wasn’t even thinking that we were making a movie.”

The gory sequence could have been much more difficult to handle especially when they were not informed about it. However, it contributed to the movie gaining its classic status. 


Check out the deleted scene here.

Alien deleted scene: Alien attacks Lambert - good quality

Alien is streaming on Hulu. 


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