WandaVision: 10 Different Ways The Show Could Lead US Into Doctor Strange 2

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“Dormammu, I’ve Come To Bargain.”- Doctor Strange.

If the MCU’s WandaVision is driving fans into Doctor Strange 2, how precisely will the show do that? Will Doctor Strange train Wanda? Will Mephisto show up? Or What?
So Many theories and questions have to be answered, and we at Fandomwire have responded to a few. Well, The series WandaVision has transformed Wanda Maximoff into perhaps the most impressive wizardry-users in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).
The series has presented the way that Wanda is the Scarlet Witch, and she possesses chaos magic powers and even can change reality into anything she needs.
She doesn’t even have a clue how she does it.
Wanda has gone head to head with Agatha Harkness, quite possibly the most remarkable witches on the planet.
Even she said Wanda is incredible to such an extent that she represents an extraordinary threat to the world.
However, this is concerning; the MCU has effectively presented one incredible wizard, as Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme and Scarlet Witch will be in his next film.
So this leads to many things, and we at FandomWire have listed 10 of them…


#10 It Could Bring In Mephisto:


The greatest talk in WandaVision is the villain behind all the events that are happening in the series is none other than Mephisto. The thing with Mephisto is, he concedes wishes to individuals and permits them to accomplish their fantasies in return for something.
While Wanda made this whole town all alone without asking for anything, there is consistently the opportunity that Mephisto could, in any case, be allowing individuals’ dreams to come true in return for watching the world burn into pieces.
We know that Doctor Strange is the arch-nemesis of Mephisto, so it had to be on the list.

#9 It Could Bring In Nightmare:


The other thought, and one that bodes well after watching Agatha Harkness and Scarlet Witch’s origin, is Nightmare, calling the shots.
There has been a great deal of imagery all through WandaVision.
Wanda’s fears and distress at everything she could ever hope for self-destructing caused her to make Westview in a sitcom image.
Having Nightmare organizing everything could clarify everything.
He is significantly more firmly identified with Doctor Strange than even Mephisto himself.

#8 Doctor Strange Could Train Her:


Till the last episode, Agatha Harkness was the villain in WandaVision, which isn’t likely just about as precise as one would suspect.
Indeed, Agatha managed in dark arts; however, she was doing nothing excessively evil in WandaVision other than attempting to discover what she was dealing with concerning Wanda.
There is a decent possibility that Agatha could help train Wanda at the end of the day.
However, there is additionally an opportunity that Wanda could go to Stephen Strange for help, as he is considerably more prone to show her right from wrong than Harkness.

#7 Doctor Strange Could Call For Help:


Agatha told Wanda she was the Scarlet Witch, and her magical power is called Chaos Magic.
This is the most potent magic in the presence and was thought not to exist outside of legends. Notwithstanding, Wanda utilizes it, and that makes her very powerful.
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is as yet a year away, and that gives Wanda time to sharpen and harness her magical powers. Particularly if she prepares with Agatha Harkness.
Suppose Strange is in desperate waterways in his film.
In that case, he could approach an incredible partner for help, and nobody is more p powerful than the Scarlet Witch.

#6 The Multiverse Could End Up Broken:


Wanda has done a ton to change things in Westview, and with Chaos Magic, she could rewrite all of reality.
She could likewise open up a wormhole that breaks the Nexus of all Realities, which could cause various universes in the multiverse to spill into others.
There is an explanation to the word Multiverse in Doctor Strange film title.
If Wanda is the one who breaks the Nexus, it very well may be dependent upon Doctor Strange to fix it.

#5 Doctor Strange Has To Stop Her:


Quite possibly, Wanda Maximoff could break totally. Suppose she has her kids removed and the whole illusory town she made is destroyed.
In that case, it could break her more regrettable than previously.
The Scarlet Witch is powerful, and it is implausible even somebody like the S.W.O.R.D. could stop her.
In the event that Wanda winds up totally free and on the run, it very well may be dependent upon Doctor Strange to find and bring her, if just to help her.

#4 Doctor Strange Has To Clean Up Her Mess:


There is a running subject in the comics; Wanda does something, and afterward, Doctor Strange has to come and clean things up.
He really does this for many individuals, especially with Spider-Man requiring his assistance more than once. He will be in Spider-Man: No Way Home, most likely to clear up Peter Parker’s most recent mess.
After that, it will be time for Doctor Strange to clear Wanda’s mess.
He has needed to fix numerous things she did before, the latest sending back zombie mutants she raised from the dead. Could Wanda unintentionally accomplish something awful that Strange needs to improve?

#3 They Face Wundagore Mountain:


There isn’t much in the MCU about Wundagore Mountain yet.
That is where Wanda and Pietro were brought up in the comics, and it is the base of the High Evolutionary.
He gave Pietro his Powers through genetic testing and was thought to provide Wanda with hers too.
The People of Sakovia were said to have anomalies that Hydra was keen on, which feels similar to Wundagore.
There is consistently an opportunity that Strange and Wanda go to Wundagore/Sakovia to find how Wanda got her Powers.

#2 The MCU Disassembled:


Wanda was engaged with two significant storylines consecutive in Marvel Comics that showed how incredible she truly is.
The first of them was called “Avengers Disassembled.”
In this story, Wanda had recently had her twins deleted from her memory by Agatha Harkness.
Still, something sets off her memories, and she goes crazy, destroying the Avengers and killing Agatha Harkness.
This additionally brought about Hawkeye and Ant Man’s demises, and it took Doctor Strange to come in to stop her.

#1 Wanda Creates Mutants:


The second event should sound be exceptionally recognizable to fans of WandaVision.
In Place of M, Wanda woke up from being closed by Doctor Strange, and she made a brand-new reality.
Rather than only one town, she re-made the whole world.
She erased racism and allowed the mutants to live in harmony.
She made everybody’s dreams come true.
Notwithstanding, she must be stopped as she was controlling everybody.
Wanda finished saying “no more mutants” and stripping practically every one of them of their powers.
On the off chance that she assumes control over the world after the occasions of WandaVision, could she end it by doing the inverse and making mutants?

Ending The Article I would like to conclude…

That, these are the WandaVision: 10 Different Ways The Show Could Lead us Into Doctor Strange 2. We hope that you must have enjoyed our list of queries.
Well, all think that these questions must be answered in tomorrow’s finale episode.
But among them, I really think that Nightmare could appear.
What about you guys? Do you agree with me?
Which among these questions would you like to see come true?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below?
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