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WandaVision: Facts About Wiccan Everyone Must Know

Since the end of phase 3 with “Avengers: Endgame”, it is well known that MCU has been building a storyline to introduce the Young Avengers. Ant-Man’s daughter, Cassey Lang is set to become Stature, while Hawkeye’s daughter, Katherine Bishop will carry her dad’s mantle as Hawkeye. They will be joined by new more faces such as Miss Marvel, Speed, and Wiccan, and more, to form the Young Avengers.

Wiccan aka Billy and Speed aka Tommy were introduced in the latest master-stroke of MCU, WandaVision. Their speedy growth within hours and days, to finally turn ten, indicated that Wanda’s twins had also inherited some superhuman powers. Though they were wiped out when the hex over Westview was lifted, their screams in the post-credits during Scarlet Witch’s Astral form indicate their return. We got glimpses of Wiccan’s powers throughout the series, and it seems that he could be as powerful as his mother. So, before these young heroes enter the big screen, it’s wise that we learn about them one by one. Find out some interesting facts about Wiccan from WandaVision that everyone must know. These details have been pulled out from his comic book adventures.

Reunited with Speed After Reincarnation

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By now, we know that Wiccan is a super-powered young sorcerer and a reincarnation of one of Wanda and Vision’s twins, Billy. Though he was separated from his brother Tommy in their new life, their paths crossed when Wiccan rescued him from confinement built for super-powered young offenders. On realizing their similarities and connection, the twins went to their mother Scarlet Witch.

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Debut in the Young Avengers

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Wiccan first formed a team with Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, and other young heroes who were close to the Avengers in Young Avengers #1. This takes places during the events of Avengers Disassembled, followed by the arrival of Iron Lad, the younger version of Kang the Conqueror, at the Avengers Mansion. He came across the Avengers Failsafe Program by Vision that was created to be used if the Avengers ever disbanded. Iron Lad found Wiccan and Hulkling through the program and formed the Young Avengers.

How His Name Was Established

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Billy was a big fan of the God of Thunder, Thor, and therefore named his alter-ego, Asgardian. But when the Young Avengers hired Kate Bishop and Cassie Lang on losing Iron Lad, the two girls suggested him the name Wiccan. Billy approved of it immediately and named himself Wiccan since then.

Billy’s Time In School After Coming Out

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Before getting into dangerous missions with his superhero friends, Billy had his own battles at school. He faced a lot of difficulties and bullies in school due to his sexuality. Unlike his school, Billy was accepted and supported for who he was by the Avengers. Once he was sitting in the Avengers tower in despair when Scarlet Witch appeared and listened to his problems.  She was one of his favourite Avengers though neither of them was aware of their actual relationship. Scarlet Witch advised him to believe in himself and stand up to his merciless bullies. That’s when Billy experienced his electro-kinetic energy for the first time that nearly turned out to be fatal for his foes.

How Scarlet Witch Reunited With Her Twins

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In “WandaVision”, Wanda’s emotional breakdown that gave rise to Westview was inspired by a comic book moment. Scarlet Witch was mourning her children’s loss when Wasp made a comment that ended up magnifying her grief and wrath. She struck the Avengers with her magic, thus leading to the team’s fallout. It wasn’t until the twins’ reincarnated versions returned to their mother that Scarlet Witch got back to her senses and reality.

Doctor Strange Eyes Him As His Successor

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Wiccan was a powerful young sorcerer who had caught Doctor Strange’s attention in the comic books. When Doctor Strange lost his position as the Sorcerer Supreme for leaving the world unbalanced, he considered Wiccan as one of the potential candidates to succeed him and invited him for breakfast. Since Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange are set to team up in the upcoming “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness“, it may feature Wiccan as well.



Ever since “WandaVision”, several theories on the arrival of Mephisto have dominated the Marvel fan discussions. In the comic books, the twins were created with Scarlet Witch’s hex and parts of Mephisto’s soul. Soon, the king of hell came to recollect those parts and wiped out Billy and Tommy. If MCU has used the same card for the twins’ existence, they can be used to finally bring Mephisto on the screen.


Powers and Limitations

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Despite his young age, Wiccan is as powerful as Scarlet Witch. He can manipulate every element-water, light, heat, soil and more. Just like his mother, he can create anything out of nothing and twist reality with his spells. But all these powers come with one weakness; he can’t wield any magic unless he hears himself cast the spell.

Sources of His Powers

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The sources of Wiccan and Billy’s powers are quite mysterious. Though connecting Billy’s kinetic energy to Wanda’s powers, and Tommy’s speed to Pietro appeared to be a logical explanation, they weren’t her biological children. Their souls were reincarnated in two boys, rather than being born as Wanda’s kids. It’s up to MCU how they want to go about the twins’ powers since they were created from Scarlet Witch’s hex and Reality Stone.

Joined Guardians of the Galaxy

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Getting married to Hulkling opened gates to a series of new adventures for Wiccan. Hulking’s heritage revealed that he wasn’t a human but a mix of Kree and Skrull. This expands the couple’s stories from earth to the galaxy. They eventually join the Guardians as per the latest issue of 2021 on “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

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