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WandaVision Fan Creates Viral Friends Style Opening Credits

The WandaVision sitcom inside the show traversed through all the decades. From the Fifties to the modern era, it explored a lot many versions of comedic tone and narratives. But have you ever got the notion that the Nineties era WandaVision was missing something? We mean that the Nineties elements were there but there was something sorely lacking. We were not able to figure out what it was!!

That was until this particular fan figured it out. What Nineties’ WandaVision lacked was the greatest sitcom to have been ever made!! Friends was what Wanda Vision needed. And this fan gave us an ultimate mash-up for the ages.

If Wanda Maximoff had decided to shape her alternate reality within the Hex a bit differently, we would have probably been seeing Friends being referenced in the show. WandaVision did make a reference to several iconic sitcoms like Li Love Lucy to The Dick Van Dyke show. Even malcolm in the Middle and The Brady Bunch were referred to in the series. And if Friends had managed to creep into the MCU, this is show the opening credits would have seemed like.

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Thanks to laughing Squid, we now have an idea what happens when Friends and WandaVision join forces.

Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, and Monica come alive in WandaVision in the form of Vision, Fietro, Wanda, Agnes, and the rest. We don’t know how Billy and Tommy enter the picture. But we can already hymn the “I’ll Be There For You” theme song while watching this. It looked like a match made in sitcom heaven.

What Other WandaVision Mashup Possibilities Exist?

To be honest, the Marvel Cinematic Universe missed out a lot in WandaVision. there are so many things the series could have referenced. Starting from popular sitcoms that failed to get even a passive reference, many other characters and shows could have been brought into the picture. Seinfeld, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Last Man Standing come to mind.

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What do you think of this Friends style opening credits for WandaVision? It certainly looks and feels like a breath of fresh air. How about more from where that came from Laughing Squid?