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WandaVision Fans Believe That Reed Richards Is Monica’s Mystery Engineer

In spite of answering a few fan questions, WandaVision still has several mysteries that are yet to be unraveled. We still don’t have a clear answer for Vision’s return. In fact, every question on Jimmy Woo’s whiteboard is yet to be answered. We’re yet to find about how Wanda was impregnated overnight, and how exactly did Evan Peters’ Quicksilver end up in Westview. Another mystery that has been set up since episode 5 is of Monica’s associate. She mentioned an “Aerospace Engineer” who could help her penetrate Wanda’s Hex Barrier, and the fans believe that this engineer is none other than Reed Richards.

Here are a few fan reactions that came after WandaVision Episode 6, All-New Halloween Spooktacular!:


Who is the Engineer Though?

John Krasinski has been fan-cast as Reed Richards for a long while. Rumors from last year suggested that he has already had a Zoom meeting with Marvel about a potential role in the future. Considering that Kevin Feige has already announced a Fantastic Four movie, it’s understandable where these fan reactions are coming from. The analogy also sits well with Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen’s comments about a mystery character showing up in the coming episodes. But still, it will almost be a miracle a character as huge as Reed Richards shows up in WandaVision. This is the MCU, and you can’t really rule anything out. But at the same time, I believe that this engineer will be a name that is familiar, but smaller when compared to Reed Richards.

Episode 7 will surely reveal who this engineer is. Initially, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to introduce Riri Williams into the MCU. But in episode 6, Monica Rambeau confirmed her contact to be a male. So, that rules Dominique Thorne’s upcoming character out of the contest. Among the male characters, we’ve got two other names who could be introduced instead of Mr. Fantastic. These characters are:

Hank McCoy

Kevin Feige confirmed that WandaVision will plant the seeds for mutants in the MCU. Well, I believe that it already has because we’ve got two of MCU’s first naturally born super-powered humans with Billy and Tommy. Then there’s the chance of Wanda’s Hex barrier creating mutants by rewriting the genetic makeup of all the people inside Westview. So at this point, it won’t be a surprise if Hank McCoy also shows up in WandaVision.

Hank may not have transformed into Beast just yet. He has been an Agent of SWORD in the comics, and it would be quite fitting if he is the engineer who designs the armored truck for Monica Rambeau. Furthermore, his Beast persona could be manifested using WandaVision. It’d be similar to how Monica is getting her powers. Yes, I’m saying that WandaVision might be retconning Monica into a mutant.

Adam Brashear

It has been suspected that Marvel is about to assemble “The Ultimates” within the MCU. Adam Brashear aka Blue Marvel plays an important role in this team. So even more than Hank, Adam could be the mystery engineer. He is a man of science in the comics, and he is also romantically linked with Monica. So, he stands a great chance to show up as the “Aerospace Engineer” in WandaVision Episode 7.

As for Reed Richards, it is highly likely that he is stuck in space, as it was teased in episode 3. Or, he might possibly appear with the rest of the Fantastic Four members in Homecoming 3’s Baxter Building reveal.

What do you guys think about all of this? Tell us in the comments section.