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WandaVision: Latest Episode’s ‘Nexus’ Commercial Reveals Major Loki Series Plot details

It has been one whacky ride. Wandavision’s roller coaster of a plot has shown us way too much in way too little time. With every passing episode, we are forced to encounter more questions that there are answers for. The mysterious WandaVision commercials that happen mid-episode are an example of subtle foreshadowing. Events are about to unfold and WandaVision is the harbinger. We have already explained how each commercial in WandaVision has been a reference to the Infinity Stones. Now we talk about the latest commercial – the Nexus Ad.

And believe us when we say this – the Nexus commercial holds major clues regarding the plot details for the upcoming Loki series on Disney+.

Spoiler Alert: Major spoilers For WandaVision Episode 7 Up Ahead. Enter At Your Own Risk…

The seventh episode of WandaVision was just as cryptic as the ones that came before it. “Breaking The Fourth Wall” gave us a Modern Family kind of sitcom drama. Wanda is clearly reeling through some issues. It is affecting her mental health. After overexerting her powers by extending the Hex, Wanda’s mind is under a lot of stress. The entire Westview is paying the price.

What Was The Nexus Commerical About?

The Nexus Commercial is clearly an attempt at representing Wanda as someone who could use the anti-depressant drug. The ad describes Nexus as “a unique antidepressant that works to anchor you back to your reality – or the reality of your choice.” But the story does not end there. Nexus might be something that Wanda needs but there’s a hidden message we might all be missing here.

The message relates to the upcoming Loki series and it has been hiding in plain sight all along! For starters, the name of the drug is a clear reference to powerful entities known as Nexus Beings. Nexus Beings have the ability to affect the fabric of reality by manipulating probabilities and the element of time and space itself. In an earlier interview, Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Scarlet Witch in WandaVision hinted at Nexus Beings being the key to opening up the Marvel cinematic Universe to the Multi-Verse. The Loki series, which will feature Tom Hiddleston as the eponymous God of Mischief, will also feature the Time Variance Authority.

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The TVA has had the longest relationships with Nexus Beings.

How Does The Nexus Commercial Relate to The Loki Series?

The Nexus ad opens up the way for the Nexus Beings, which in turn pave the path for the TVA to enter WandaVision. Since the concept of the multi-verse means there are multiple timelines and realities, the TVA is tasked with protecting and preserving the timelines. When Loki captured the Tesseract and went AWOL, he drew the attention of the Time Variance Authority. Now that the original MCU timeline has TVA’s attention, the ‘Maximoff Anomaly’ would have altered them of Wanda’s status as a potent Nexus Being.

What we mean by this is that the future WandaVision episodes might be setting up an appearance by a member of the TVA. Our guess is Owen Wilson aka Mobius M. Mobius of the Loki series is going to appear in a future WandaVision episode. This changes things for our previous assumptions on the Loki series.

New Loki Series Plot Details vis-à-vis the Nexus Ad

With the TVA capturing Loki and provided they do appear in WandaVision, we have to assume that the TVA has plans for Loki. The God of Mischief, for all his flaws, has a specific set of skills nobody else in the Time Variance Authority possesses. Wanda Maximoff’s Maximoff anomaly might be about to change a lot of things for the MCU. And if that happens, the power of Nexus Beings needs to be re-evaluated. The ones that pose a threat similar to Scarlet Witch need to be contained before they can do something like Wanda. Loki will be travelling all across the multi-verse and across timelines to preserve not only time but also fight other powerful Nexus Beings.

Maybe one such Nexus Being will turn out to be the villain?

It might still be just a guess but the hints in WandaVision are too strong to be ignored. If Loki does indeed end up fighting Nexus beings, the implications of that will be enormous. The Marvel Database classifies many powerful individuals as Nexus Beings, chief amongst them being Franklin Richards and Jean Grey. There is one villain that comes to mind though when we start considering a Nexus Being as the big bad wolf of the Loki series.

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A major Marvel villain who is also classified as a Nexus Being is Kang The Conqueror. This is a villain who has been teased to succeed Thanos as the next super villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for far too long now. Using time travel technology, Kang travels across time and annexes entire timelines. The Nexus Commercial in WandaVision might be subtly hinting at Kang’s status as a Nexus Being. Maybe, just maybe, we might be seeing the time traveling warlord in the upcoming Loki series. And if luck permits, the guy just might end up becoming the big bad wolf of the larger MCU in the future.

What It Means For The MCU

Kang the Conqueror as the antagonist of the Loki series might be what WandaVision might be implicating. We are just too blind to figure it out right now.

Alternatively, the Nexus Commercial might mean something else as well. It may also be hinting at another powerful Marvel Comic Book Universe artifact – the Nexus Of all Realities. This magical gateway is the key to traveling all across the Multi-Verse. With the Time Variance Authority and time travel in the cards, the Nexus ad might be a clue to this magical portal appearing in the Loki series. Inter-dimensional travel seems integral to the plot line of the Loki series and the Nexus commercial seems more than just a lucky coincidence for now.

There are a lot many questions that the latest WandaVision episode have not given us answers to. A lot more are about to hit when the next episode hits the screens. But given the fact that Marvel loves to use these subtle clues to hint at things to come in the future, we just might be right about this one.


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