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WandaVision: Magneto Will Save Scarlet Witch From Her Own Mind

Marvel’s WandaVision has been exactly like it was promised to be: stylish, humorous, and absolutely wacky. Despite its mixed ratings due to an avant-garde approach, it’s no doubt that the show is gradually shaping up to be Marvel Studio’s most ambitious and experimental take on its most complicated mutant. Hiding beneath the sitcom-y styled series lies an insidious and disturbing reality that has been conjured by Scarlet Witch to cope with her irreparable trauma. While the show has been subtly hinting at the existence of SWORD, it has the potential to bring the mutants in full-force to the MCU. And we are guessing, Wanda will not be saved by SWORD from her false reality, but rather, by her own father, Magneto.


Earlier this week, we at FandomWire had confirmed that Evan Peters from Fox’s X-Men Saga will be reprising his role of Quicksilver in the series. Considering Scarlet Witch’s reality-warping powers, it won’t be a stretch to assume that more mutants might be on their way to be a part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not the one to shy away from big surprises, the setting is nearly perfect to introduce the Master of Magnetism to the MCU, but this time as a savior and a caring father.

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Prior to the Disney-Fox merger, Marvel Studios didn’t have the right to use the term ‘mutants’ in any of its intellectual properties. As a result, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, who were first introduced in Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, were shown to have got their powers from the Mind Stone. But with the merger accomplished, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Marvel Studios revert to the original comics to set Scarlet Witch’s true origins as canon in the MCU. And like numerous times in the comics, Scarlet Witch has been saved and protected by her biological father, Magneto.

In the MCU, Wanda and Pietro were shown to have Sokovian parents who were killed in a military conflict. But fortunately, the twins were not introduced as the children of Magneto right away in the comics either. It wouldn’t be much of a risk to show that Wanda’s Sokovian parents were not her biological parents, and to finally introduce Magneto as her real father. In Fox’s X-Men Saga, while it was not explicitly shown that Magneto was the father of Quicksilver, X-Men: Days of Future Past did subtly try to hint at the connection. In X-Men: Apocalypse, Quicksilver did realize that Magneto was his father, but sadly, the story found a dead-end.

WandaVision Evan Peters

After the two absolutely confusing and convoluted episodes of WandaVision, it has been pretty much established that SWORD is probably trying to snap Wanda out of her fake reality. But with Evan Peters’ imminent arrival, the onus might be on Magneto to save his daughter. Despite their troubled relationship in the comics, Magneto has always been protective of Scarlet Witch, even going to the lengths of putting his own life at risk to save her.

As Marvel Studios is already gearing up for a live-action adaptation of the Spider-Verse in the upcoming untitled Spider-Man 3, a few notable characters from the previous iterations of the Spider-Man movies are confirmed to make their appearance. From Tobey Maguire to Alfred Molina, the possibility of casting previous actors is not completely out of the question when it comes to WandaVision either. With Evan Peters already confirmed to return, it won’t be totally surprising to see Michael Fassbender or Sir Ian McKellen donning the helmet once again.

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Magneto has always been an integral part of the Marvel comics. As a Holocaust survivor and a mutant, his radical views have often been compared with the iconic Malcolm X, with Charles Xavier representing Martin Luther King Jr. to balance the mutant rhetoric. As Wanda has been quite stern about staying in her own made-up reality, the efforts of SWORD might go in vain to snap her out from the bubble. But with Magneto back, the presence of her father can make Wanda believe in hope once again. And without a shred of doubt, WandaVision can potentially pull a Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker reveal in the second season of The Mandalorian, if it indeed brings back Fassbender/McKellen’s Magneto from the past.

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