WandaVision: Marvel Releases Official Merchandise With 4 New Promo Art Images

Though we may be months away from the next Marvel movie, Marvel Studios did finally get something for the fans in this fairly forgettable year. After the first trailer release of the upcoming WandaVision at Emmys 2020, the show is set to premiere this December on the online streaming platform Disney+.


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Starring Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany as Vision, WandaVision might be Marvel’s most ambitious project so far. As the trailer suggests, the show is going to be a wild and exciting ride as Wanda re-creates her own realities based on the rom-coms of yesteryears. The wildly confusing trailer did leave the fans bemused, but still managed to not reveal any major plotline. However, the revelation of S.W.O.R.D. and a grown-up Monica Rambeau might be leading to a much bigger reveal.

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As the show is just a few weeks away from its release, Marvel has now released its official merchandise for WandaVision with four new promo art images. Listed at Amazon, these official merchandises are just in time for Halloween.

WandaVision Promo Image 1

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The first image is of Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff inside a vintage television set. As the trailer suggested that Wanda’s realities are based on decades of rom-com television shows, the vintage television set adds a nice little touch.

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WandaVision Promo Image 2

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With Halloween just around the corner, the second promo image is a fun take on the couple dressed in their comic-book accurate costume. For Marvel fans, it couldn’t have gotten any better than this.

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The third promo image suggests the vintage 1950s style house paired with a classic car from the era. This is where Wanda and Vision live as a couple in Wanda’s imagined reality.

The fourth and final promo image is taken from a scene of the trailer. Here, Vision is in his human form alongside a smiling Wanda.

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With just weeks to go for WandaVision‘s premiere on Disney+, the endless possibilities of how this show can proceed are what makes it so exciting. Though the promo images do not reveal any major plotline, they still can make Marvel fans geek out for the upcoming show.

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