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WandaVision Theory: The Commercials Are Infinity Stones In Disguise

WandaVision Theory The Commercials Are Infinity Stones In Disguise

Nothing is as it seems in Marvel Studio’s latest entrant WandaVision. Set a few months after the events of Avengers: Endgame, WandaVision is a harrowing portrayal of grief and loss as Scarlet Witch’s incredible powers manifest to conjure a fake reality that helps her in coping with the trauma of losing her lover, Vision. What once began as a humorous parody of popular sit-coms with Wanda and Vision living as a happy couple in Wanda’s made-up reality soon revealed an insidious secret that has left the fans as well as members of S.W.O.R.D. in a doozy. While the sit-com styled reality has too many easter eggs for speculation, the commercials have stood out for their subtle references. However, one fan theory has suggested that the commercials might actually be Infinity Stones in disguise, as they are an integral part of Wanda’s subconscious, as well as her trauma.


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The Infinity Stones played a major role in shaping up the MCU, which led to the Infinity Saga as the Avengers faced the Mad Titan in an existential battle. Though Thanos’ arrival affected millions across the globe, it particularly impacted Wanda the most. Vision, who came into existence partly due to the Mind Stone was ruthlessly killed by Thanos to fulfill his destiny of bringing balance to the universe. In the MCU, it was also established that Wanda and Pietro’s powers manifested partly due to the Mind Stone. Ultimately, the Mad Titan’s obsession with the Infinity Stones led to Vision’s brutal death, which might explain the bizarre commercials that have popped in the episodes. While the theory is yet to establish the Power Stone as one of the commercials, here are all the five commercials that are Infinity Stones in disguise.

Mind Stone

WandaVision ToastMate 2000

In the first episode titled Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience, a fairly straightforward commercial for the ToastMate 2000 toaster oven by Stark Industries was aired. In the comics, Wanda calls Vision ‘toaster’ for a toaster joke he cracked in Tom King’s Vision #7. Incidentally, both Vision and the toaster were manufactured by Stark, which further proves this theory. Upon closer inspection, the ToastMate 2000 also resembles Vision’s face, with the ToastMate label positioned like the Mind Stone on Vision’s forehead.

Time Stone

WandaVision Strucker Watches

In the second episode titled Don’t Touch That Dial, the commercial takes a slightly darker turn as Strucker watches by Hydra is aired. Apart from the shared history with Strucker in Age of Ultron, the commercial is a reference to the Time Stone for obvious reasons. Not to mention, Doctor Strange had a wide collection of watches prior to his accident, which is a subtle reference to the Sorcerer Supreme who had the Time Stone under his protection. The commercial also states that a Strucker watch is a man’s most important accessory, nodding towards Doctor Strange’s ancient pendant which had the Time Stone inside.

Space Stone

WandaVision Hydra Soak

In the third episode titled Now In Color, the Hydra Soak bath powder clearly resembles the Tesseract aka Space Stone. The commercial also uses tag lines like ‘get away’ and ‘escape to a world on your own’ which is a reference to the Space Stone’s ability to let its user travel the entire cosmos effortlessly. In the MCU, the Tesseract was first discovered by Red Skull, which made it a HYDRA property in the beginning.

Reality Stone

WandaVision Lagos Paper Towel

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While the fourth episode didn’t have any commercial, the fifth episode titled On a Very Special Episode… airs the commercial for Lagos paper towels. The Lagos reference is to the city in Nigeria where Wanda teamed up with Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow to take down Crossbones. Unfortunately, the inexperienced Wanda lost control while trying to contain an explosion which led to multiple casualties. In the ad, the paper towels are shown to wipe off a red-colored liquid which very closely resembles Aether aka Reality Stone. As shown in Thor: The Dark World, Aether has a different form and shape from the rest of the Infinity Stones. Another theory suggests that the paper towel symbolizes Wanda’s guilt as it tries to wipe off the red-colored liquid (blood) from Wanda’s hands.

Soul Stone

20210212 102353

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In the sixth and latest episode titled All-New Halloween Spooktacular!, an ad for Yo-Magic yogurt is aired. By far the darkest commercial to air in WandaVision, the ad in an animated story of a young boy stranded on an island. However, the young boy is offered a cup of Yo-Magic yogurt by the claymation shark. But the commercial takes a dark turn when the boy is unable to open the cup and ultimately starves to death. Sounds familiar? The story is a reference to Red Skull, who is ‘stranded’ on Vormir to protect the Soul Stone, a treasure that he cannot possess.


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As there are still three more episodes to air, it is expected that the next commercial will fulfill this fan theory by setting up a reference to the remaining Infinity Stone; Power Stone. Since the series has been following a particular decade of sit-com in each episode, the seventh episode is expected to enter the 2000s to parody The Office, which will ultimately lead to the final commercial that will wrap up the Infinity Stones fan theory.

WandaVision will return for its seventh episode on 19th February exclusively on Disney+.

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