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WandaVision: Vision Is The Key To Defeating Scarlet Witch

WandaVision Vision Is The Key To Defeating Scarlet Witch

If there’s any currently airing show that’s a worthy successor to The Mandalorian, it is Marvel’s WandaVision. Starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, the sit-com styled series has taken a sinister turn from its wacky and humorous setting in just six episodes. With strong acting performances from the lead actors, WandaVision has been full of twists and turns while managing to keep the viewers on a cliffhanger at the end of each episode. As the series is now nearing its end, tensions are flaring both in the show and fan discussions regarding the big mystery that will soon be revealed.


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After the events of Avengers: Endgame, it has been revealed that Wanda’s powers manifested to unfathomable levels as she was able to conjure a fake reality filled with real people to cope with her trauma. Though the Blip brought back everyone who had disappeared during the Snap, the death of Vision in Infinity War was sadly irreversible. After Shuri’s unsuccessful attempt to retrieve the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead, Wanda was forced to destroy the Infinity Stone to prevent Thanos from gaining it, which led to Vision’s death in the process. However, the Mad Titan was a step ahead as he used the Time Stone to rewind the moment to bring back Vision, only to ruthlessly retrieve the Mind Stone by brutally killing him. Already traumatized by Pietro’s death in Age of Ultron, witnessing Vision’s death twice was enough to lead to a complete mental breakdown for Wanda. As a result, she created a fake reality styled after various popular US sitcoms in which she is happily married to Vision in a quaint little town named Westview.


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In the initial episodes, it was quite evident that Westview was hiding a sinister secret which was confirmed in the later episodes when Vision discovered that everyone in Westview was under Wanda’s mind control. However, it became hard for Vision to remember his past since his mind was frequently altered by Wanda to avoid any unpleasant memories, or any semblance of the real world that exists outside Westview. Furthermore, it was also revealed that Wanda stormed into a secret facility to retrieve Vision’s remaining parts and created a reality where the synthezoid is brought back to life. Despite Vision’s inability to remember the past, it is clear that he has started to notice the anomalies in the town, including the surprising pregnancy of Wanda and the unusually rapid growth of the twins. But sadly, as Wanda frequently resets everything as she ushers her reality into the next decade of television, it becomes harder to find her weaknesses. However, the last episode also revealed that Wanda’s control over the town is slowly slipping away which might give Vision a window to free everyone from his wife’s mind control.

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Prior to the show, it was established that Vision is an extremely powerful synthezoid with a myriad of abilities. Even without the Mind Stone, Vision still possesses the ability to fly and stabilize/destabilize a person’s mind with a mere touch. As Vision uncovered his wife’s dark secret when he discovered his co-worker Norm’s real thoughts, he did confront Wanda which nearly turned violent. However, Wanda’s love for Vision is the only thing that’s stopping her from harming him in any way whatsoever. Though Vision is still not aware of his demise in the past, the last conversation with Agnes might finally trigger him to put an end to this madness. But then, even Vision at his full capacity is no match for Scarlet Witch, if he does decide to violently put an end to her mind control. As Vision learns more about his past, it is highly plausible that he is the key to defeating Scarlet Witch, but with the power of love and compassion. By making her see the error in her ways, Vision might just put an end to this. Or conversely, his self-awareness might also trigger Scarlet Witch to further exacerbate the situation, thus setting her up as the major antagonist for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


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WandaVision returns for its seventh episode on 19th February exclusively on Disney+.

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