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War Machine Almost Had a Much Bigger Role to Play Than Being Iron Man’s Lackey in Avengers: Infinity War

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War Machine is one of Marvel’s most beloved supporting characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in a total of ten movies. War Machine, an alias for Colonel James Rhodes who mans the suit, has appeared in a total of ten movies for the MCU, with only a select few of them showing how strong the character can be.

Terrence Howard first played the character back in Iron Man, with Don Cheadle taking over ever since then. Now it has been revealed that Rhodes was meant to have a significantly more important role in Avengers: Infinity War back in 2018. Here’s what War Machine could’ve been up to in Infinity War, in pictures.

War Machine FandomWire
War Machine

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War Machine Was Destined For Bigger Things

Rhodes hasn’t really seen the light of day in terms of having a spotlight of his own in the MCU, and we’re talking about a standalone movie-level of spotlight.

But this concept designer named Phil Saunders, who worked on the concept art for the Iron Man movies, gives us a whole new look into what looks like a cut sequence for Don Cheadle’s character.

War Machine FandomWire
The concept art of the cut sequence by Phil Saunders

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Saunders shared the concept art for War Machine on his ArtStation account, revealing a sequence that was not included in Avengers: Infinity War. As you can see, it shows Rhodes fighting Proxima Midnight of The Black Order.

Here’s Saunder’s description of the concept art-

“Another unused scene from the early Infinity War script. Rhodey was originally going to be in the battle in Edinburgh along with Bruce Banner piloting Hulkbuster. It would have been revealed, however, that he was actually piloting it remotely as he was still suffering from PTSD from his crash during the events of Civil War. I liked the character arc of him eventually having to get back in the suit, but we’d already done a similar reveal in Iron Man 3, so it felt like a repeated beat. Still a fun exercise to design the gimbal rig that attaches to his leg braces though. The Hulkbuster, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive models used in the image were the work of the brilliant Josh Nizzi, Adam Ross and Jared Marantz, and Jared Marantz and Ian Joyner respectively.”

That’s an interesting concept art for the movie by Phil Saunders. It’s a shame we couldn’t see War Machine in the battle at Edinburgh, but at least we saw him in the epic fight scene in Wakanda.

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What’s The Update On Don Cheadle’s Armor Wars?

Don Cheadle‘s Rhodey, the man behind the War Machine suit, will be the central focus of the upcoming Armor Wars TV series by Marvel.

The show, however, has not been included in either the Phase Five or Six slate by Kevin Feige at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022. So it’s only fair that fans would be curious about whether the series is even happening or not.

War Machine FandomWire
Don Cheadle in the Iron Patriot suit

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Cheadle gave us a pretty comedic insight into the development of Armor Wars during a Twitter interaction with one of his fans in which the fan asks about the current status of the planned TV series-

This reply is the equivalent of a one-liner joke, but at least he hasn’t completely ruled it out. On the other hand, the series’ writer Yassir Lester assured War Machine fans that the series is still under development, and promises that it is still coming out on his Instagram story a few months back

Avengers: Infinity War is currently available for streaming on Disney+

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