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Warner Bros. Games Left Untouched During CEO’s Cancellation Rampage, ‘No Games Cancelled Yet’

With Warner Bros. recent merger with Discovery, now known as Warner Bros. Discovery, and a new CEO at the helm of the merged company, there has come an almost constant barrage of news regarding cancellations of films, television series, removal of content from HBO Max, and more. With the new direction supposedly being towards ‘quality content’, some were worried about the upcoming games under development with Warner Bros. Games.

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Thankfully, at least as of now, we seem to have been worrying needlessly, with the studio head confirming today that nothing has been canceled or delayed; making it a rarity in this new Warner Bros. Discovery world.

Warner Bros. Games

Warner Bros. Games

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With a surprisingly consistent slate of games – with the odd outlier -, Warner Bros. Games has fashioned itself as one of the better gaming companies in regards to excellent single-player games based on a variety of established IPs. Most will know of their Lego games, from Lego Star Wars to Lego Batman, developed by Traveller’s Tales, or the Batman Arkham series, developed by Rocksteady Studios.

Rocksteady Studios are currently developing what could be one of the biggest games for Warner Bros. Games in the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, and sooner than that, Hogwarts Legacy, the Harry Potter-based open-world game promising to be the game Potter fans have waited years for.

Warner Bros. Games


By far its most successful games of recent years, the Arkham series is considered one of the biggest and best superhero games full stop. Rivaled only by Marvel’s Spider-Man on the Playstation, the Arkham series kick-started the recent video game renaissance where superheroes are concerned. Many attempts to copy its traits, from the intuitive combat to the faithful source material adaptations, but few have managed it in the last decade or so since its initial release.

Bucking The Trend, No Cancellations for Warner Bros. Games

Warner Bros. Games

In an interview earlier this week, David Haddad confirmed that the gaming branch of Warner Bros. Discovery has been unaffected by either the merger or the recent slate of cancellations from David Zaslav. No games have been canceled or delayed, no layoffs have occurred with the staff and the division is working in profit, which is probably the reason the division hasn’t been messed with.

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Gotham Knights, the next Batman game – although it won’t have much Batman – is due out in a couple of months, unfortunately, though, it isn’t being met with the same buzz and excitement as Hogwarts Legacy or Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. It’s been met with plenty of fan pushback, with the game looking less than graphically impressive, the combat slow, sluggish, and out of date, and fans less than happy to hear of Batman being dead at the start of the game.

Either way, with the recent Batgirl cancellation, Gotham Knights is the next time we’ll get to see Batgirl in anything other than a comic, so strap in and try to enjoy.

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