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Warner Bros. Wants Michael Bay For ‘Lobo’ Movie

A film adaptation of DC Comics character Lobo has gone through various stages of development. Guy Ritchie (“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”) and Brad Peyton (“San Andreas”) were both previously going to direct. Will Smith (who would play Deadshot) and Dwayne Johnson (who would play Black Adam) were attached to play the cigar smoking alien bounty hunter.

Now comes word Warner Bros. and Michael Bay (“Transformers”) have discussed teaming on the potential project. There is renewed interest in doing a “Lobo” movie at Warner Bros. It’s believed that it could be their answer to Fox’s “Deadpool.”

Jason Fuchs (“Wonder Woman”) has written a script that would cost upwards of $200 million. Neither Bay or WB want to make a “Lobo” movie of that size, so a rewrite is in order. Bay gave notes to the studio for Fuchs to work with detailing what he wants in the script.

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