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Did WB CEO David Zaslav Kick Dan Lin Out of ‘DC’s Kevin Feige’ Position Because He Called Zack Snyder Fans ‘Bots’?

David Zaslav Kick Dan Lin Out of 'DC's Kevin Feige' Position Because He Called Zack Snyder Fans 'Bots'

President and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav has been responsible for generating several headlines as of late. Following the completion of the merger of AT&T’s WarnerMedia unit and Discovery Inc., Zaslav has taken several decisions that have astonished contemporary media connoisseurs.

Warner Bros FandomWire David Zaslav
Warner Bros CEO David Zaslav

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Whether it be the decision to shelve Batgirl, cancel notable animated titles, or proclaim a 10-year concrete plan for DC’s future, the choices of the CEO have intrigued many and enraged others. Recent speculations are being made to decode why notable film producer, Dan Lin has not assumed the role of Warner Bros. Discovery’s DC Comics film and television unit head.

Many believe Zaslav might be the one to blame.

Dan Lin Will Not Assume The Role Of DC Films And TV Head

Dan Lin
Dan Lin

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Previously, numerous reports detailed how Warner Bros. Discovery was looking to replace Walter Hamada, the current President of DC Films. For this, they had Dan Lin in mind — the renowned Hollywood mogul credited to have produced some of the major mainstream film titles.

Recent rumors stated that the media conglomerate, which seems to be going through a rough patch at the moment, had begun negotiations with Lin. Things were looking up for the company.

Alas, the latest developments point to a continuation of the search for the next head of the DC Films and TV unit. This is allegedly due to Dan Lin rejecting the offer. While Warner Bros. has been actively looking for an individual to keep the ship of their DC endeavors afloat, they seem to have unfortunately missed the mark for now.

Warner Bros FandomWire
The Warner Bros. Discovery logo

The real reason behind the refusal cannot be, however, ascertained. When it comes to giving matters clarity, neither the spokespeople of Warner Bros. Discovery has spoken up, nor has Dan Lin. It’s safe to assume we won’t be receiving a concrete answer any time soon.

However, many believe that President and CEO David Zaslav may have been the one to put a halt to the ongoing negotiations. Allegedly, the reason was a specific comment that was made by Lin, which perhaps did not sit well with the CEO.

Is David Zaslav To Blame?

is David Zasliv responsible for kicking out Dan Lin?

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Most of us are aware of the recent rumors that alluded to how David Zaslav is reportedly planning to restore the Snyderverse. When it comes to the mark Zack Snyder’s creative prowess has left on the history of DC films, the influence is simply undeniable.

With fans’ continued devotion and ever-growing outcry of wanting the restoration of the storyline Snyder was opting for the future films, it is no wonder David Zaslav has been quick to take note of it. Recent developments surrounding The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom have led to the fans being re-introduced to several elements that imply the potential return of Zack Snyder’s DC universe.

How does Dan Lin tie into this narrative, you may ask?

Dan Lin called Snyderverse fans "bots"
Dan Lin called Snyderverse fans “bots”

In a podcast, Lin, while conversing on the topic of DC, made a comment aimed at Zack Snyder devotees which made a major part of the current DC-enjoying audience grow wary about the Lego Movie producer. When the hosts joked about “crazy Snyderverse fans”, Lin made a sardonic, curt reply and called them “bots” and “Autobots.”

This comment was a reference to the claims reported earlier this year that detailed #ReleaseTheSnyderCut being a choreographed attempt by Zack Snyder to garner support for the endeavor and involving fake, automated bots at the forefront of participation in the Internet movement.

David Zaslav vs. Dan Lin?
David Zaslav vs. Dan Lin?

It may be so that this comment did not fly under the David Zaslav-radar. If David Zaslav is indeed pushing for a future that relies on the vision Snyder harbors for the DCEU narrative, then such a remark from Dan Lin may not have aligned itself with the company’s goals. This may be one of the reasons why the negotiations were unfruitful and did not mount up to any credibility. The two may have clashed in what they wish to see for DC’s future.

However, these are mere speculations and assumptions. Nothing tactile. As for now, neither of the parties involved has had anything to comment on the matter. One can only hope that Warner Bros. Discovery manages to keep its ship from completely sinking in the future days.

Nevertheless, the search for a competent DC film and TV head continues.

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