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“Was he too busy shooting feet scenes?”: Quentin Tarantino Gets Called Out By Fans For Claiming He Wasn’t Aware of Long Time Friend Harvey Weinstein’s Actions Despite Collaborating With Him on 9 Movies

“Was he too busy shooting feet scenes?”: Quentin Tarantino Gets Called Out By Fans For Claiming He Wasn’t Aware of Long Time Friend Harvey Weinstein’s Actions Despite Collaborating With Him on 9 Movies

Quentin Tarantino’s stay in Hollywood has been defined by quality over quantity. The films that bear the markers of a signature “Tarantino” have reached a status of niche opulence that has given rise to a new category of an audience who prefers a certain director over a certain genre. Over the years since his glamorous debut with the 1992 crime drama, Reservoir Dogs. 

The years since have been characterized by such unfailing masterpieces that Hollywood has dubbed the extraordinary director’s magnum opus collection as Tarantino Ten. Nine of those movies were shot under the production label of the convicted s*x offender, Harvey Weinstein.

Quentin Tarantino with Uma Thurman and Harvey Weinstein
Quentin Tarantino with Uma Thurman and Harvey Weinstein

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Quentin Tarantino Laments Not Talking to Harvey Weinstein

In what can be claimed as one of the most disturbing cases of men abusing their positions of privilege and power, Harvey Weinstein — the once-celebrated producer who held Hollywood in the palm of his hand — was convicted of multiple charges of r*pe and sexual assault and was sentenced to 23 years in prison. However, before the #MeToo movement gained clarity and the women who came forward found legal closure, there were rumors that bore only fragmented truths and a fraction of the deviancy for which Weinstein later became known.

A young Quentin Tarantino with Harvey Weinstein
A young Quentin Tarantino with Harvey Weinstein

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In his years serving Hollywood’s big-budget productions from his pedestal at the top of the mountain, one of the directors whose ambitious vision corroborated with Weinstein’s deep pockets was Quentin Tarantino. However, the latter maintains that he was ignorant of the actual depth of misconduct perpetrated on Weinstein’s part until it was too late. The Django Unchained director claims:

“I’d never heard the stories that later came out at all. I heard the same stories that everybody had heard. What I wish I had done was talk to Harvey about it and say, ‘Harvey, you can’t do this.’ To tell you the truth, I chalked it up to a ‘Mad Men’-era version of the boss chasing the secretary around the desk. I’m not saying that’s ok. That’s how I heard it… in that category. There was never any talk of rape or anything like that.

The reason I didn’t [say something to Weinstein] was because that’s a real hard conversation to have. I felt it was pathetic. I felt what he was doing was pathetic and I didn’t want to deal with his pathetic-ness.

I didn’t think it was, ‘Ok, you do this for me or you’re not going to get this movie.’ I never heard any actresses say anything like that. It was just, you know, ‘Don’t get in the back of a limo with him.’ It was easy to compartmentalize that to some degree. Anyway, I feel bad… that I did not have a man-to-man talk with him about it.”

Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein
Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein

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Speaking to HBO correspondent Chris Wallace, Tarantino’s elaborate justification reads more like an apology letter to excuse the actions (or lack thereof) of his past self than as an explanation for his long-maintained ignorance of what was actually going on.

Fans Troll Quentin Tarantino’s Admission of Ignorance

Even though the admission comes off as too little, too late, Quentin Tarantino does not hold back on exclusively detailing the limits to which his thoughts extended. According to his claims, he felt responsible for not recognizing the true nature of his long-time collaborator and taking active measures to put a stop to the latter’s actions. But Twitter does not have time to scrutinize the fallacy behind Tarantino’s apologetic admission, rather exists as a worthy weapon to be wielded against people’s wilful ignorance.

Quentin Tarantino emerges from the group of Weinstein’s blacklisted associates with his head intact although many with insider knowledge claim that the director’s admission is false and that he knew about Weinstein’s actions. However, there has never been any substantial proof to properly verify those claims against the Pulp Fiction director.

Source: Deadline

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