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‘Watch Dogs 3’ Possibly Coming For Next-Gen Consoles

The third installment to Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs franchise is possibly coming very soon.

In 2016, Ubisoft released the San Francisco-based sequel to the original Watch Dogs to mixed to negative reviews, which left the future of the franchise in doubt. Since then there have only been rumors about where the next game would set and some which suggested that Ubisoft had possibly pulled the plug on it, but that has obviously changed according to youtuber SkullziTV.

According to SkullziTV, Ubisoft has recently filed for a new trademark connected to the franchise that is unrelated to the last two entries in the series. Screenshots of the trademarks which were filed in the United States in November of last year suggest that there is definitely some movement going on behind the scenes with the series. This is also supported by the company entering a new application with “supplied data.”

With this unrelated trademark in mind, Ubisoft could do any number of things with the Watch Dogs IP. They could have reserved the trademark for a possible cinematic deal, which is not a stretch considering how Ubisoft is interested in expanding itself into the film industry. They previously released the Assassin’s Creed film in 2016 and are currently working on the live-action adaptation of The Division from director David Leitch. However, it is more likely that they are slating Watch Dogs 3 for a possible announcement sometime this year and a potential launch on the next generation of consoles. If it was being released for the current generation then it would have been connected to the previous trademarks filed for its predecessors. Of course there is still the possibility it could release on the current generation of consoles in a similar fashion to what was done with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, in which that title got a release on PS3/PS5 and Xbox 360/Xbox One because of the proximity of their releases. FandomWire has reached out to Ubisoft for further comment on that.

The setting for the third game, if it is happening has been widely speculated by fans after Ubisoft teasing that it could take place potentially in the United Kingdom. This theory stems from the extended ending of Watch Dogs 2 showcasing coordinates for Brixton, which is in London. A change of scenery would definitely be a breathe of fresh air for die-hard fans after they got to explore Chicago and San Francisco and just what the franchise needs after the poor performance of the last entry.

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