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Watch First 7 Minutes of Resident Alien: Syfy Series Starring Doom Patrol’s Mr. Nobody

Alan Tudyk is on cloud 9 at the moment. He has been getting a lot of traction in high profile projects. these days. After starring in movies like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Ralph Breaks the Internet and I, Robot, he took a liking for the small screen world. Many of his works like Doom Patrol and Firefly have been massively popular and successful. But he is not done with this world just yet. Alan Tudyk returns to the forefront of sci-fi with a new Syfy series titled Resident Alien. It’s a science-fiction comedy where Tudyk plays a double role of both an alien and a human being. The first 7 minutes of Resident Alien have already been released.

And it is a blast.

The show is based on a comic book series written by Peter Hogan for Dark Horse Comics. The 4 part Graphic Novel miniseries centers around the life of an alien who finds new meaning for life as a human being. The alien’s ship crash lands on a small town and it takes the identity of the town doctor. Tudyk will play the role of the alien entity as well as the doctor whose identity is stolen. Joining him as official part of the cast will be Elizabeth Bowen as local Deputy Liv Baker and Corey Reynolds as Sheriff Mike Thompson.

The Dark Horse comic book gives us a very unique plot. The alien entity crash lands on Earth and kills Doctor Harry Vanderspeigle. The alien has the ability to shape-shift his form. He goes unnoticed in human society, his true form only visible to a handful of people. The alien manages to blend into the town perfectly but with a few hiccups. In the comics, the town of Patience is located in Washington. But the show relocated the town to Colorado for ease pf shooting.

The show was ordered way back in 2019. Shooting for the series began in late 2019 and was completed by early 2020.

Syfy dropping the first seven minutes of the series was a brilliant marketing tactic. The trailer looks absolutely stunning and brilliant. It’s worth a watch. The YouTube sneak peek introduces not only Tudyk’s Alien form but also the way his ship crash landed. A scene where the alien kills Doctor Harry Vanderspeigle is also shown. On a bit more hilarious note, the alien learns the language of English by watching old re-runs of Law and Order.

You can watch the YouTube Sneak Peak below:

From what we see in the trailer, the show intends to mix comedy with body horror. The scene where the Doctor dies is particularly gruesome to watch. Alan Tudyk is one of the good ones. His acting chops are well-known. Showrunner for the series is none other than Family Guy‘s Chris Sheridan. So for now we know the project is in good hands. Resident Alien is set to premiere on Syfy on the month of January 2021. The notion of an outsider coming into a small town in the middle of nowhere is a done and dusted premise. The new Syfy series gives us some serious Twin Peaks and Wayward Pines vibes here.

Source: Screenrant