Watchmen – 12 Fascinating Facts About the Superhero Cult Classic

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Frequently revered as Zack Snyder’s greatest work of art, Watchmen is a movie that is considered to be way ahead of its time. Back when the superhero genre was just beginning to blossom, DC’s Watchmen gave us a glimpse at the bleak and dark world of an alternate reality world of superheroes. Here are some interesting facts about the movie you never knew.


Zack Snyder’s Cameo

This is a blink and you miss it cameo. Even Snyder remained mum about this role until years later when he finally opened up in an interview.


Ron Perlman Was the First Choice For Comedian

There is something about the coarse sounding Ron Perlman that makes us think – could he have been a better Comedian than Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

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References To a Non Existent Cartoon Series

The Saturday Morning Series is referenced many times in the movie like when Rorschach mentions an “80’s series” that was an utter failure in one of the movie’s scenes.

John Cena’s Peacemaker Was In It


DC had recently acquired another comic book publication – Charlton Comics.The original plan was for the story to feature Charlton Comics Characters in order to generate popularity.

The Smiley Face Logo of the Watchmen

It was an accident after all. After designing the Comedian, they found out that the wardrobe choices of Comedian exhibited anything but comedy. The logo was again featured in DC’s acclaimed Doomsday Clock.


Ozymandias Was Supposed To Die

In the first draft of the script for the movie, the Studio wanted Ozymandias to be killed for his actions. Fortunately, Snyder decided against it because that would have been a cliched ending.

Gerard Butler Almost Appeared in Watchmen


Zack Snyder and Butler have amazing chemistry together. Butler was supposed to lend his voice for the animated character of the lead hero of Tales of the Black Freighter – a popular movie set within the Watchmen Universe.

WB wanted Tim Burton, Not Zack Snyder

Tim Burton had already worked with Warner Brothers in the past and he had more experience with the superhero genre. Wonder how things would have been under him.


WB Almost Lost the Rights to Fox Studios

20th Century Fox played coy till Warner Brothers was only months away from the release date for the movie. They then filed a lawsuit against Warner Brothers and apparently reaped millions in a perfectly timed out of court settlement.

Alan Moore Hated It


Alan Moore already has had bad experience with his comic book arcs being adapted into movies. Just take a look at the deplorable League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, another Alan Moore classic.

The Real Reason Nixon is in the Movie

Richard Nixon was included and not the then current President because Moore did not want to tick of supporters of Reagan during that time.


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Ozymandias’ Suit Is a Parody of Clooney’s Bat-Nipples Suit

The similarities are rather uncanny. Good one Zack Snyder. Good one indeed!!



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