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WB Allegedly Rebooting DCU and Harry Potter To “Make Them Seem Healthy” – James Gunn, David Zaslav Want Amazon or Apple To Buy the Franchises

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WB Discovery is surely struggling to keep its legacy alive. James Gunn and Peter Safran, the co-CEO of DC, has brought some major changes along with him which has shocked fans over time. Gunn and Safran recently announced the 10 projects in the upcoming chapter 1 of DCU. The list included 5 TV series and 5 movies. Gunn’s decision to snatch the red cape from Henry Cavill has already disappointed fans. It looks like DC will have to work quite a lot to bring the aspiring 10 projects to life which surely will consume quite a lot of money and effort.

It is no hidden fact that the DCU was never able to compete with MCU in terms of its fan base and revenue collection. Yet the makers have not yet lost their hope. With several creative re-shufflings to bring back the old legacy of DC remained futile. But now the entry of James Gunn, who has remained pretty vocal about his plans and vision to uplift the status of DCU, has been giving fans a chance to see DC at its full potential. Now that Gunn and Safran has finally announced his plans for the upcoming years, there have been reports claiming that their announcement was just mere bait to attract potential buyers. 

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WB Discovery
WB Discovery

WB Discovery Plans To Sell Years of Legacy

The news about WB Discovery’s plan to put DC on sale has been sparked by the YouTuber WDW Pro, who claims to have received the news from an insider present in WarnerMedia. WDW Pro released a video of 45 minutes and claimed that James Gunn’s new announcement was to invite the buyers like Apple and Amazon to raise funds which the studio is currently struggling with. The source included both Harry Potter and DC to be on sale as he shared his expected time under which the deal may be done. 

“Warner Bros. Discovery with both DC and Harry Potter is to soft reboot the franchises in order to make them seem more viable and healthy. However, rebooting them with projects that are highly interconnected and/or episodic in chronological consistency is not desired at this time. The reason might surprise you. Warner Bros. Discovery allegedly expects to be purchased within the next three to five years. Therefore it is not in Warner Bros. Discovery’s interest to craft huge franchise worlds like seen in the MCU because such a thing would make a potential buyer beholden to this new roadmap/story narrative.”

WDW Pro didn’t stop there and presented his ideas about WB Discovery’s plan to raise new funds and an opportunity to recraft the new cinematic universe. The source clearly mentioned the big names like Apple and Amazon who may make the deal with the drowning studios. The video also revealed that apart from Apple and Amazon, Universal studios can too be a potential buyer as they already have a connection with Harry Potter.

“Instead, Warner Bros. Discovery allegedly feels the more lucrative option is to rejuvenate the franchises with non-connected properties while still unloading bad inventory so that when a company like Apple or Amazon when they purchase them potentially they get the benefits of a refreshed franchise plus the ability to craft their new cinematic universe in whatever way they choose. Another tidbit of info. While you might think Apple and/or Amazon are the only ones interested in buying Warner, Universal is attempting a play. They have a relationship with the Potter people and they want to leverage it in an attempt.”

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WB puts DC and Harry Potter on sale
WB puts DC and Harry Potter on sale

WB Head’s Alternative Plan Revealed

The source kept on adding that there is much more information that he has received from the insider. On the grounds of the information passed to the YouTuber by his insider, WBW Pro reveals that the exit of Henry Cavill from DCU was mainly because of the lack of funds, which has further confused his guests and viewers. 

“I’m told that Gunn, Zaslav, Safran, they have a Plan A DC roadmap — everybody remember that terminology: Plan A DC roadmap — that only goes into effect if Apple or Amazon buy and approve, though it could be used in negotiations to show it’s primed, it’s unaffordable for Warner Bros. with its current situation, but an Apple or Amazon could fund it. By the way, all of this is the real reason I’m told Cavill was let go. They’re in a hold until the big guns bring big money to the table.”

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James Gunn, David Zaslav and Peter Safran
James Gunn, David Zaslav and Peter Safran

Though there has been no official confirmation about the news made by the YouTuber. But it looks like the uncertainties surrounding the DC continue to surface despite the future promised to fans by the new co-CEOs. The coming time will make the future of struggling WB Discovery crystal clear. 

Source: WBW Pro

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