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WB Discovery Chief David Zaslav Might Have Found DC’s Kevin Feige in Sherlock Holmes and IT Producer Dan Lin To Oversee Both Movies and Shows

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CEO David Zaslav may have finally found his most preferred equivalent of Kevin Feige for the future of DC Films. The Taiwanese-American producer, Dan Lin is the latest name to have entered into the ever-oscillating list of names being considered for the oversight of the DC superhero department. The announcement comes amid recent backlash and criticism faced by David Zaslav for his radical manoeuvering of WB properties and introducing a strategic shift for the future of DC.

David Zaslav
David Zaslav envisioning a new future for Warner Bros. and DC

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Who is David Zaslav’s Latest Candidate, Dan Lin?

The 49-year-old producer of films and television projects might be a lesser heard name outside of the industry. However, reports prove his illustrious career in making and launching successful projects and box office blockbusters, such as Aladdin (2019), the adaptation of Stephen King‘s IT and its sequel, The Two Popes, and most famously, the LEGO franchise.

Netflix’s live-action remake of Avatar: The Last Airbender, produced by Dan Lin

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Moreover, the television credits to his name include projects like Lethal Weapon (2016-2019), the reboot of Walker (2021-Present), and the Netflix live-action project, Avatar: The Last Airbender which is slated for a 2023 release. The producer also has his own successful production company, Rideback (formerly known as Lin Pictures) which will pass on to its current president, Jonathan Eirich.

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Why the Preferred Accreditation of Dan Lin Into DC Films?

Dan Lin has been claimed to be a visionary producer, much like Marvel’s own Kevin Feige. Although the latter is almost as famous as his own set of A-listers, the former has proceeded to make a career out of producing while staying away from the limelight of the industry. However, Lin’s capacity to incorporate narratives that consistently deliver success has caught the prying attention of WB Discovery chief, David Zaslav. If his introduction to the DC management does go through, it will be accompanied by the support of Warner Bros. consigliere, Alan Horn, and the abdication of DC Films’ current head, Walter Hamada.

Dan Lin
Dan Lin is the latest contender and by far the best-preferred head of DC’s 10-year future

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Zaslav’s current intention is to weed out everything that is not absolutely essential to the future of his company and reorder the structure of DC. The latter piece of crucial news arrived with a tang of betrayal (over Batgirl‘s cancellation) as well as the celebration of “a 10-year plan focusing just on DC” that will simultaneously introduce a Marvel-like universe with interconnected stories as well as secure the superhero franchise for the foreseeable future. The capacity of Dan Lin to envision David Zaslav’s ambition will undoubtedly be a test of patience.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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