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WB in Talks With Sherlock Holmes Producer Dan Lin To Take Over as DC’s Kevin Feige as Arrowverse Boss Greg Berlanti Reportedly No Longer in the Cards

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Warner Bros. CEO, David Zaslav, may have found himself his new President in the form of Sherlock Holmes producer, Dan Lin. This news has blasted off the internet as fans have begun labeling this move as “DC on its way to finding its own Kevin Feige!”

Well, dramatic as it may be, the hunt for a DC version of Kevin Feige may either be still ongoing or may have come to halt at Dan Lin station!

Dan Lin
Dan Lin

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DC and Its Previous Attempts At Finding ‘Kevin Feige’

Ever since the news of the walkout of DC President Walter Hamada from the production house hit the news, it has been an enormous question among the fans: ‘who is going to be the new guy in DC?’

Well, not an easy question to answer, especially for DC, since it has already made one mistake of letting the air out about almost hiring Greg Berlanti for the role!

Greg Berlanti
Greg Berlanti

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When the news hit the town, the disappointment for the fans was immense and they truly boycotted the decision. The reason behind this may have been the fact that Greg Berlanti’s Arrowverse was definitely not everyone’s cup of tea (I mean, come on. We all know the reality of Arrowverse and how it’s truly going…)

DC’s New President, Dan Lin.

Taiwanese-American film producer, Dan Lin is best known for his production of Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jr. and the Lego movies.

He also produced one of the highest-grossing horror films It based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

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It has been rumored that maybe Dan Lin is being considered for the title of President of DC Films. This role entails that Dan Lin would have to report to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav directly and oversee the movies and television department.

David Zaslav
David Zaslav

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Dan Lin’s takeover would eventually result in the resetting of the DC world and of course, this would have a huge impact—whether negative or positive we won’t know yet—on the fans of the company.

Although this news is yet to be confirmed and an official offer made, it should be fun to see that if this deal does happen, how would the fans take the change?


SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter.

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