“He’s not Kevin Feige”: WB Insiders Reportedly Not Fans of James Gunn After Massive Shakeup, Feel Experienced Directors Won’t Work With a Novice to Build DCU

WB Insiders Reportedly Not Fans of James Gunn After Massive Shakeup
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James Gunn has been under fire after shocking announcements were made days ago that may cause drastic changes in the DC Universe. Because of these earth-shattering revelations, insiders from Warner Bros are now questioning the director’s management skills and his capability to handle the misfires following recent resolutions.

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James Gunn

Fans were enraged after James Gunn and Peter Safran decided to cancel Henry Cavill’s Superman’s return, as well as Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 3 and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. Furthermore, all three character cameos were scrapped from the upcoming The Flash movie.

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James Gunn’s Management Of DC Studios Questioned By Warner Bros Insider

In a report by the New York Post, an insider from Warner Bros criticized Gunn’s ability to lead the DC Universe and his lack of experience in the field. The statement says:

Gunn has never run anything. I wonder if big filmmakers will work for another director with zero experience guiding movies through a huge grinder of a system. He’s not Kevin Feige [of Marvel].”

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Justice League (2017)

It also does not help to know that, according to the same source, DC Studios was literally hopeless in trying to find someone to pilot the company. The report says DC begged Todd Phillips, director of Joker, to occupy the seat before they offered it to Gunn and Safran.

The insider stated, “The whole town turned the job down… It was almost Todd Phillips. They begged him.” In October, the two new heads of DC Studios finally assumed their positions.


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New DC Universe Sees Major Overhaul Of Beloved Franchises

There have been numerous controversies since Gunn and Safran took over the studio. Their attempt to overhaul and rebuild a brand-new DC Universe ended up removing all ties with the old projects, even scrapping Cavill’s Superman after the actor announced his official return on social media following his appearance in Black Adam’s post-credits.

Man of Steel Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill in Man of Steel (2013)

Despite the cancellation, Gunn revealed that he is currently working on a new Superman script which will take place during the early life of the character. This meant that he is looking for someone to play the role other than Cavill.


Fans are outraged by these sudden decisions, thus assuming the director and the Superman actor might have personal issues with each other. Gunn disproved these claims and said he and Cavill could work on other projects outside of DC Studios.

Gunn is currently promoting his upcoming film, Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which will arrive in theaters on May 5, 2023.

Source: New York Post, CBR


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