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WB Rumored to Be Eyeing ‘1917’ Star George MacKay to Replace Ezra Miller in The Flash Sequel

Erza Miller Flash

The controversy regarding Ezra Miller’s scandals had left the question of who would be replacing him as the next Flash rising. It seems that the actor, under no circumstances, would be returning to the role after The Flash is released. He so far has been confirmed not to be reprising the role, making room for other actors to take his place after the movie.

Ezra Miller FandomWire
The Flash star Ezra Miller

While fans have their own wishes to see certain actors take on the role, reshoots of the movie are already underway with a potential change of actor. Ben Affleck too was given an increased role in the movie from a cameo to a proper side character, all to keep the spotlight away from Miller.

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George MacKay Might Be Ezra Miller’s Replacement

George MacKay, best known for his role as Lance Corporal in 1917 is rumored to be in talks to take on the role of the Scarlet Speedster. The studio obviously cannot afford another financial catastrophe at this time, therefore Warner Bros. Discovery executives decided in favor of a theatrical release despite all the criticism.

Ezra Miller is famous for playing The Flash.
Ezra Miller

“Ezra is 100% out, but there’s no way in hell they’re going to recast before the movie comes out. They want the focus on the movie, not on the next guy to play the role. It’s the same reason James Bond isn’t recast until after the current actor’s final Bond movie comes out – you want coverage on the movie that’s coming out, not on what comes after.”

The most recent report claims that there is already a prospective substitute for Ezra Miller‘s role. The leading candidate to play The Flash is British actor George Mackay, who is only a year older than Ezra Miller. Mackay is riding the success of Justin Kurzel’s True History of the Kelly Gang along with Sam Mendes’ hit.

George MacKay
George MacKay

The rumor claims that Warner Bros. will implement the replacement plan as opposed to having Wally West the primary Flash in upcoming DCEU films.
Timothée Chalamet and Dylan O’Brien are also being considered by the studio for the role of Barry Allen; however, speculations suggest that George Mackay has a better chance of landing the part right now.

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The Fans Respond To The Casting Rumors After Ezra Miller

Fans of the DCEU have questioned the veracity of the latest story, pointing out that the studio is not in a rush to decide on a prospective Ezra Miller successor. WBD should obviously wait until The Flash has played in theatres for nine more months before negotiating a new type of contract with a fresh actor. Additionally, there is the issue of publicity: the studio would prefer that the attention remain on the next film rather than shift to recasting due to yet another Ezra Miller-related incident.

Fans also side with George MacKay’s side, seeing him be a much better fit for Barry Allen than Ezra Miller. While some still wish to see CW actor Grant Gustin take on the same role on the big screen, others don’t seem opposed to the idea of having anyone take on the face if it isn’t the controversial actor.

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