WB Studios Reportedly Bringing in Swamp Thing in Keanu Reeves’ Constantine 2, Intends To Introduce More Horror Themed DCU Heroes

WB Studios Reportedly Bringing in Swamp Thing in Keanu Reeves' Constantine 2
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Keanu Reeves is a living legend among the numerous stars of the Hollywood industry. Best known for playing the role of NEO in the classic sci-fi film The Matrix, he has been held in high regard ever since then. Along his journey as a celebrated actor, he has had many ups and downs with an equal amount of failures as the amount of success. Some of the films that he has done over the years may not have been commercially successful, but they definitely have made a large following, often making them cult classics.

Keanu Reeves was slammed by Matthew Perry.
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And just as everyone gets a second chance, Warner Bros. has decided to bring back a cult classic out of the grave to be given a new life.

With the recent news of WB confirming that it has officially given its green light for the second installment of Keanu Reeves’ Constantine, we have also received the wonderful news that another beloved character might be brought back along with it.


Keanu Reeves And Swamp Thing Return In Constantine 2

To say Keanu Reeves has seen a fair share of success in the Hollywood industry would be putting it mildly. From being part of the most well-known film in pop culture The Matrix, he had already solidified his legacy. And now, being the lead cast of the successful and critically acclaimed film series John Wick, he has proven to everyone that he still got that spark and zeal to push through anything.

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But playing the role of Constantine was something that Reeves had wanted, and the fans had wanted yet another chance from WB to give to the film. Along with Constantine, fans were eagerly ranting that CW’s Swamp Thing be brought back after its abrupt cancelation all the way back in 2019. So seeing an opportunity to get two birds with one stone, Warner Bros. might have decided to bring them back together.


With recent rumors of the big green swamp monster returning back, fans were quick to dig deeper and they uncovered the possibility of the Swamp Thing returning back to the DC universe in the upcoming Constantine 2. Mikey Sutton, in his scoop on Geekosity, has revealed that his sources are close to sure that the monster from the swamp might make an appearance in the sequel to the film. According to his narration, the new co-CEO of Warner Bros. Pictures Michael De Luca is interested to take the horror elements from the world of DC Comics and create something similar to what Marvel Studios accomplished with their project Werewolf by Night.

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What To Expect From Constantine 2?

Keanu Reeves was the lead actor in Constantine (2005).
Keanu Reeves as John Constantine in Constantine

The news of many characters from the paranormal side of DC Comics returning on the screen is a breath of fresh air for many fans. Keanu Reeves himself revealed that if he was to revive one of his past roles in any film, it would be John Constantine. So seeing his wish come true, along with the bonus of a potential return of the Swamp Thing are exactly the right ingredients that WB needs to get the audiences riled up.


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Constantine 2, expected to release in cinemas in 2024

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