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‘WB used Henry Cavill just to make sure Black Adam would perform’: Internet Renews Accusations Dwayne Johnson, James Gunn Used Cavill’s Superman Cameo To Sell an Unsellable Movie

'WB used Henry Cavill just to make sure Black Adam would perform': Internet Renews Accusations Dwayne Johnson, James Gunn Used Cavill's Superman Cameo To Sell an Unsellable Movie

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam did not perform well at the Box-Office nor did it fair well with the critics. Out of a $195 million production budget, which, according to the most recent sources, swelled to $260 million, Black Adam grossed $391 million worldwide. Following that, $100 million was spent on its promotion, bringing the overall cost to $360 million.

Black Adam was Dwayne Johnson’s entry into the superhero franchise. After the film flopped his future is currently bleak in DC. Amidst the failure and controversy surrounding Black Adam, fans accuse the star of using Cavill to pump up ticket sales.

Dwayne Johnson fought for Henry Cavill’s Cameo

The Rock as and in Black Adam
The Rock as and in Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson posted a video on Twitter addressing his fans, after the Black Adam star expressed his gratitude he indulged the audience in some behind scenes. The Rock revealed how important it was for him to have Cavill play, Superman.

“We have to bring back the most powerful, unstoppable force of all time in any universe. And you guys know who I’m talking about? Of course, that is Superman. And that’s Henry Cavill.”

The studios were against bringing Cavill back but Johnson did not take no for an answer. He explains how important it was to bring the actor back so Black Adam can be established as the most powerful.

“This has been years in the making regarding bringing Henry Cavill back and years of strategic conversations and we were not going to take no for an answer. There was no way, there’s no viable logical way that you can attempt to build out the DC Universe without the most powerful force and the greatest superhero of all time sitting on the sidelines. It’s impossible to do.”

The Black Adam star continued,

“It all comes back to where Superman you have to have Superman in the mix. So that’s why we fought hard to bring Superman back, Henry Cavill, and there was no other Superman, by the way, to bring back Henry Cavill is our generation Superman and in my opinion, the greatest Superman. And I mean that respectfully to the other actors, especially Christopher Reeve, but the greatest Superman of all time.”

Henry Cavill at the Man of Steel premiere
Henry Cavill as Superman

Dwayne Johnson convinced the studio to bring Cavill as Superman, and the film was promoted heavily using his cameo. Fans believed that the cameo was used by the studio to confirm Cavill’s return. Man of Steel 2 was also announced by Henry Cavill to confirm his return as Superman after the leadership had changed.

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Fans slam WB, DCU, and Dwayne Johnson for using Henry Cavill

James Gunn
James Gunn

Fans took to Twitter to vent out their frustration on how WB, James Gunn, and Dwayne Johnson played the fans. They used Cavill’s cameo to pump up the sales of Black Adam probably as they were aware the film could not sell on it own. After the cameo Cavill was disposed by James Gunn and WB breaking every Superman fan’s heart.

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Fans are enraged as things do not add up, many believe that Cavill never actually signed the contract for Man of Steel 2. Cavill’s announcement came after his cameo but soon after that, he revealed that after a meeting with the two heads he will in fact not be returning as Superman.

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Many feel that The Rock used Cavill to increase footfall for his film, WB and DC were aware that the film might not do well on its own and so they bought the actor to shoulder the sales and reach of the film.

Black Adam is streaming on Amazon Prime.

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