“We all felt he was bulls—ting”: Keanu Reeves returning For Constantine 2 confirms Peter Stormare really said the truth 2 years back

Keanu Reeves returning For Constantine 2

Peter Stormare had posted it on Instagram, about two years back, “Sequel in the Works”, which was a piece of thrilling and overwhelming news for the fans as they had been waiting on it since the movie got released and was loved by all. Now, what everyone is skeptical about is whether it going to happen or is it one of the lies of The Satan.

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Peter Starmore as Lucifer Morningstar in Constantine 2005
Peter Starmore as Lucifer Morningstar in Constantine 2005

Peter’s IG post was a hint at the hidden truth

A fanmade poster for Constantine 2, a wishful thinking
A fanmade poster for Constantine 2, a wishful thinking

In the post, Peter Stormare, starring as the Lucifer in the 2005 biblical horror flick, Constantine had posted a picture saying that this version of the MorningStar is one of the best portrayed in film history. To it, Stormare had attached a caption, “Sequel In The Workswhich was a direct hint to the fact that the sequel is in the making. Here is a screenshot of the actual post:

Peter Stormare's instagram posting revealing that the sequel is in the making.
Peter Stormare’s Instagram post reveals that the sequel is in the making- Source: Instagram

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In this post, the comments can be seen from the fans that they are excited to know that it is coming out and are eager to know whether Keanu Reeves is reprising the role of Constantine, which Stormare had not given any details about. Reeves had often confessed in many of his interviews that he would love to play Constantine again and if given a chance, he’d take that chance in a heartbeat.


“I would love to play John Constantine again from the Constantine movie. I’ve tried, I’ve tried, Stephen. I would love to.”

Keanu Reeves

Here is the Twitter post to it too:


Now that Keanu has confirmed that he is returning as Constantine as he and the director, Francis Lawrence have locked the confirmation. The writer Akiva Goldsman has already started framing the script and it is a tad complex to place the story, as said by the director:

“We worked on the sequel for a while. It was tricky to come up with where to take it…”

                                                                                       Francis Lawrence

Keanu Reeves, while confirming that he is returning as Constantine for the sequel, also mentioned that Peter Stormare was not bluffing when he posted that post on Instagram ninety-six weeks ago. The sequel has been confirmed by Warner Bros. and also that they have locked Reeves as the DC Warlock as before. The sequel is hoped to start shooting in early 2023.


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Peter Stormare, The Lucifer gave us a hint at the climax of the movie

Lucifer and Constantine in a heated dialogue.
Lucifer and Constantine are in a heated dialogue.

At the climax of Constantine, there was a dialogue exchange betwixt Constantine and Lucifer wherein Lucifer has to take Constantine’s soul but is tricked by the Master of the Dark Arts into an exchange deal. But, before leaving, He remarks that Constantine will have “time to prove why he belongs in Hell”.


This closing statement points to the possibility of getting a sequel, as it reflects that Lucifer is not done with Constantine yet. Now, all we have to wait for and see is what the sequel will bring for John Constantine, stay tuned!

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Written by Sarah Mir