“We all love Ted Kord and Booster Gold”: Tom Cruise’s Top Gun 2 Star Glen Powell Joining James Gunn’s DCU as Iconic Superhero? Blue Beetle Director Fuels Insane Rumors

"We all love Ted Kord and Booster Gold": Tom Cruise's Top Gun 2 Star Glen Powell Joining James Gunn's DCU as Iconic Superhero? Blue Beetle Director Fuels Insane Rumors
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Blue Beetle was released this month on 18th August, providing a cinematic debut of Jaime Reyes, aka Blue Beetle. Although some jokes could’ve been improved in the movie, it still has an energetic storyline, which has a blend of real drama with exciting new power revelations.

Xolo Maridueña as Blue Beetle
Xolo Maridueña as Blue Beetle

While there’s no confirmation about what the cinematic future holds for Blue Beetle, the events of the film can outset an exciting installment in the DCU – Booster Gold. It is an upcoming American television series based on the DC Comics superhero of the same name. The series is part of DC Universe’s Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, which is produced by DC Studios and will be released on Max.

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Blue Beetle‘s Post-Credit Scene Could Introduce Booster Gold

Blue Beetle director, Angel Manuel Soto
Blue Beetle director, Angel Manuel Soto

Director Angel Manuel Soto has plans for a post-credits scene in Blue Beetle that could pave the way for the DC Universe’s Booster Gold series. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he discussed how this scene could introduce a famous DC hero. Soto explained the revelation:

“We had it written down [in the script]. We knew that was what we wanted our story to have.”

He continued:

“We all love Ted Kord and Booster Gold, and knowing that [DC Studios co-CEO] James Gunn also has plans for Booster Gold, it felt like the right thing for us to continue with.”

The ending of Blue Beetle hints at the survival of Ted Kord (alive but still in danger), the original character to take on the role in the upcoming series.


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Are Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Related to Each Other?

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle
Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

DC Studios has officially announced a Booster Gold series as part of the first phase of the DC Universe, although specific details about the show are still limited. By the way, Booster Gold is neither shown nor referenced in Blue Beetle — which left Gunn and Safran to cast their own actor for the role. And now it is confirmed that Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell will play the DC character.

In the comic books, Ted Kord and Booster Gold have a friendship and joins forces for hijinks, comical misadventures, and heroic missions to save the world. Director Angel Manuel Soto said:


“Ted Kord is still alive, he’s somewhere out there in the universe, and whatever the future holds for our hero is open to interpretation.”

Soto continued.

“So, whether that is Booster Gold or Ted Kord or if it is both of them [together], the possibility exists and it is something that we want to entertain.”

While a lot about the Booster Gold show remains a mystery — it’s still under speculation whether Kord will appear in the upcoming series or Booster will show up in the futuristic Blue Beetle sequel. Besides this, Soto has stated that he’d love to continue building more on Jaime Reyes’ story, but James Gunn has yet to make an official announcement regarding a follow-up of the Blue Beetle sequel. Now, let’s see if we get to see any connections between the DC characters (Blue Beetle and Booster Gold) in the future. 

Blue Beetle is now in theaters.


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