“We are about ruining the cities”: Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Blasts Democrats, Sparks Major Controversy as Rival Sylvester Stallone Supports His Presidential Aspirations

Arnold Schwarzenegger addressed some important issues.

“We are about ruining the cities”: Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Blasts Democrats, Sparks Major Controversy as Rival Sylvester Stallone Supports His Presidential Aspirations


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a striking comment about the Democrats.
  • The former governor addressed certain issues happening in major cities in the US.
  • Sylvester Stallone showed support for Schwarzenegger despite Hollywood rivalry.
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Action star and former professional bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger comments about the Democrats in a recent interview while addressing the current issues that are happening in major cities in the United States.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 2
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger served as the 38th governor of California from 2003 to 2011. He had a lot of accomplishments during his tenure, such as increasing the minimum wage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes Striking Comments About Democrats

In his appearance via SiriusXM’s Literally! With Rob Lowe, Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger explained what it means to be a Republican and a Democrat. He described the former as “strong military, low taxes, less government, more personal freedoms.” As for the Democrats, he said:

Ruin your cities. That’s what the Democrats would say. We are about ruining the cities. We want to f—k up every city in America. That seems to be their theme right now.”

He also added, “When you talk about the Republican philosophy, what you just said is what made me buy in,” referring to the cases of drug abuse, migrant crisis, and homelessness that have been rampant in big cities such as San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 4
Arnold Schwarzenegger

In another conversation with The View, the former governor called for comprehensive immigration reform and a secure border. Schwarzenegger expounded (via Daily Mail):


You have to really have comprehensive immigration reform, and you have to look at this immigration problem in a comprehensive way. You can, first of all, I believe very strongly in having a border that no one can get through. That’s number one for me.”

He also addressed the problem of people migrating to the US for work. The Expendables star further noted:

Number two, what is important is that we have visas available for people that want to work in the United States, so they don’t have to work illegally. It is bogus, we need the workers here. We have to have a secure border, but we’ve got to go and reform our system. That’s where the action is I think.”

The native Austrian, who emigrated to America in 1968 and only became a citizen in 1983, perceives this would help solve the crisis.

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Sylvester Stallone Backs Arnold Schwarzenegger As Presidential Candidate

In the same conversation with The View, Arnold Schwarzenegger suggested that Democrats and Republicans should come together to help resolve national issues. He proposed:

Why can we not come together – Democrats and Republicans –  and instead of using this issue always as a fundraising issue for the party, to go and sit down together and really to do the service that they’re supposed to do?

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone

Fans would remember how the legendary actor has previously expressed his intention to run for president, and his movie rival, Sylvester Stallone, is the first one to show support. The Creed star told Friday Night With Jonathan Ross:

Arnold’s a genius. I mean, seriously… he’s had three incredible careers. He may not be able to sit there and split atoms, but he knows how to get things done. He knows how to move people, and if they would allow him, because our constitution doesn’t allow foreigners… considering the entire country is made up of foreigners, they can’t run for president.”

While this proposition remains debatable, there is no doubt that Schwarzenegger served in his office very well when he became the governor of California.


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