“We are so close to getting a teenage Franklin Richards”: Latest Report on Vanessa Kirby’s MCU Debut as Sue Storm Has the Fans Excited For Fantastic Four

Marvel insider CanWeGetSomeToast spills the beans on Vanessa Kirby's MCU debut and what fans can expect from her character in The Fantastic Four.

"We are so close to getting a teenage Franklin Richards": Latest Report on Vanessa Kirby's MCU Debut as Sue Storm Has the Fans Excited For Fantastic Four


  • Vanessa Kirby is set to play one quarter of the titular superhero team in the upcoming The Fantastic Four.
  • According to a new report from CanWeGetSomeToast, Kirby's Sue Storm will be pregnant in the film, leading to the birth of Franklin Richards.
  • Given Franklin's powers in the comics, fans are already hyped about his MCU debut alongside Kirby's Sue Storm.
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Marvel’s The Fantastic Four is gearing up to commence production with the film’s cast being announced in February 2024. Actress Vanessa Kirby has been roped in to play the role of Sue Storm / Invisible Woman, opposite Pedro Pascal’s Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic. Given that the film marks Marvel’s first family debuting in the MCU, there is plenty of excitement around the project.

Fantastic Four
Concept art featuring Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm.

However, according to a new report, there is more reason for fans to be hyped, especially for Kirby’s MCU debut. A Marvel insider has allegedly revealed details about potential plot points regarding Kirby’s character in the film, including the introduction of a fan-favorite comic book character. As a result, fans are excited to see Kirby’s Sue Storm / Invisible Woman in the MCU, and here is why.

Marvel Insider Claims Vanessa Kirby’s MCU Debut Will Introduce Important Fantastic Four Character

In February 2024, Vanessa Kirby was announced to be playing the role of Sue Storm / Invisible Woman in the upcoming film The Fantastic Four. However, details regarding her character’s story arc in the film have been kept under wraps for the time being. Insider CanWeGetSomeToast has now revealed some of the plot points involving Kirby’s Sue Storm in the film.

Vanessa Kirby
Vanessa Kirby in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning

According to the insider, Sue Storm will reportedly be pregnant with her and Reed Richards’ child in the film. The report also states that their son, Franklin Richards, will be introduced in the film, with the child being born in space. In the comics, Franklin is the firstborn of Sue and Reed Richards and was first introduced in Fantastic Four Annual #6 in November 1968.

Considering the rumored mid-60s setting of the film and the timeline of comic book events, Franklin’s debut in the film is certainly possible. In the comics, Franklin has reality-manipulating and psionic powers far beyond those of Omega-level Mutants, making him one of the strongest beings in the universe. Therefore, it is understandable why fans would be hyped by the recent reports hinting at Franklin’s MCU debut.

Fans Excited About Vanessa Kirby’s MCU Debut Amdist Franklin Richards Appearance

The reports of Vanessa Kirby’s Sue Storm being pregnant and the upcoming film introducing Franklin Richards quickly caught the eye of fans on social media. Marvel fans took to the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to express their excitement about Kirby’s MCU debut.

Franklin Richards
Franklin Richards as depicted in Marvel Comics

Here is what fans are saying about Kirby’s MCU debut leading to the introduction of Franklin Richards on X.



As the tweets suggest, most fans are hyped about the idea of The Fantastic Four introducing Franklin Richards. However, some fans were also skeptical of the idea, particularly because of the pacing issues a rushed introduction to a character like Franklin might cause. At the same time, some fans also contemplated whether Sue’s pregnancy meant Vanessa Kirby wouldn’t be in a lot of the fight scenes.

The film is rumored to include Galactus as a villain, and exploring Sue and Reed Richards’ first pregnancy would add stakes to their quest for protecting their home world against the planet-eater. Furthermore, it would also allow the narrative to explore the close-knit family-like bond that the Fantastic Four shares in the comic.

The Fantastic Four is currently scheduled to be released on July 25, 2025.

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